Laidlaw Schools Trust: A Visit

​After expressing an interest in working in the Education Sector during the Durham training conference, I had the opportunity to visit the Laidlaw Schools Trust Office in Newcastle.

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During the visit, I was fortunate enough to speak to staff working in Human Resources, Accountancy, Development and Office Management. These conversations gave me a good insight into what work is like in the Education Sector. As well as this, I visited one of the schools in Newcastle; it was really interesting to get an impression of both office-based work and school-based work.

Not only did the visit encourage me to pursue a career in Education, it also fed into my Laidlaw Research Project, which is about Children’s Literature. I am now considering a more focused emphasis on the school curriculum within my Laidlaw Research Project.

Thank you so much to Stephen and the Laidlaw Schools Trust staff for organizing the visit and for informing me so thoroughly about their work!

Lauren Powdrell

Student, Durham University

Hello! I am interested in Children's Literature and its effect on its readers. For my research project, I am looking at Ghanaian Children's Literature. In the future, I would love to broaden this to Children's Literature Around the World.