Reminder: Complete the LCBS Annual Survey

Reminder: Complete the LCBS Annual Survey

Dear Laidlaw Columbia Business Scholars,

My name is Gaby Redondo ’19, and I am one of the co-presidents for the Laidlaw Columbia Business Scholars (LCBS) community along with Hira Khanum '20. It is again the time of the year where we ask for your feedback through the LCBS Annual Survey.

This survey helps the LCBS Board gather critical feedback, track your success, and report the results to our benefactors at the Laidlaw Foundation. A strong response rate is important to gauge engagement within the community and to develop initiatives that are meaningful to all members. Completing the survey takes just a few minutes and the information you provide is anonymous. 

You can find the survey here. We ask that you respond by Monday, November 18.

Best regards,

Gaby Redondo

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