Laidlaw Scholars Internal Competition, September 4

An announcement about the internal competition scheduled on September 4

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An internal competition will take place on September 4 to select two scholars to participate in the annual Laidlaw Conference 2019 - which will take place on October 12 at University College London in the UK. The main conference will run from 9.30am to 4.30pm, with an evening reception and dinner for all attendees from 7pm.  

Each presentation will last for 3 minutes and only one slide will be allowed. You may present either on your research or your leadership experience during the Common Purpose Leadership Development Programme. 

See you all on September 4! 

The University of Hong Kong

The Laidlaw Scholars Programme has been made available to HKU students (HKU Laidlaw Scholars) in 2019 by the generous funding support from Lord Laidlaw of Rothiemay. As a prestigious scholarship programme embedded at the Universities of Leeds, Oxford, UCL, York, to name just a few, the Laidlaw Programme equips students with research and leadership skills to help them pursue their academic and professional aspirations beyond their current course of study.