The Impact of COVID-19 on Incoming First Year Chemistry Students at Durham University

For my Laidlaw project this year I looked at the impact of COVID-19 on incoming first year Chemistry students at Durham University with a focus on practical work.

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Chapman Hau

Laidlaw Scholar, Durham University

Chemistry (MChem) student in my penultimate year at Durham University. Logical problem solving, critical thinking and strong communication and leadership are some of the skills developed throughout my degree. With an in-depth knowledge of the physical, biological and mathematical sciences, I enjoy applying learnt content and skills to different situations. I am interested in a career in the financial industry, with a particular enthusiasm for governance, risk and compliance. I am also passionate about ways we can reduce educational inequality and aid social mobility. Currently completing research as part of the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Scholarship on ways we can improve practical science in schools with the goal of providing a detailed case study of good open-ended investigative practical work to schools.