Research Proposal

This is a condensed version of my research proposal "Coordinating Diverse Environmental Interests: A Study of Bison Restoration." With this project I hope to examine the actors involved in bison restoration and further an understanding of both bison restoration and wildlife restoration as a whole.

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Claire Parish

Student, University of Toronto Laidlaw Scholars Programme

I am a Lester B Pearson Scholar going into my second year at University of Toronto and am planning to major in International Relations and Environmental Studies. My Laidlaw research centers on bison restoration efforts in the North American west, exploring the approaches various actors take to restoration in Alberta and Montana. I hope this can shed light on the landscape for current bison restoration efforts and issues that might arise in wildlife restoration. This past year I have enjoyed participating in Mock Trial, Moot Court, and the UofT History Society, and I look forward to learn and growing this summer with the Laidlaw Programme.