Project Outline - Faith in Action: Examining Synergies Between Faith-Based Organizations and Interfaith Alliances for Philanthropy, Development, and Communal Harmony in India


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This summer, my Laidlaw research project seeks to explore the potential for Faith-based organisations (FBOs) to work alongside newly emerging interfaith alliances to enhance their roles in philanthropy, while simultaneously functioning to prevent the development of a tradition of communal violence in India.

By studying behaviours and attitudes of faith-based and non-faith-based donors, interviewing aid recipients and NGO executives, and examining educational curriculums used by FBOs in their educational institutions, my research aims to identify strategies for maximizing the positive influence of FBOs and interfaith alliances. The study aims to shed light on these complex dynamics to inform policy decisions that promote inclusive development, foster interreligious understanding, and ultimately move closer to achieve communal harmony in India.

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