Poster: Using the S4 software to optimise the design process of reflective epsilon-near-zero metasurfaces

This is my research poster detailing the key methods and results from my research project, which investigated the effectiveness of the S4 software in simulating reflection spectra from epsilon-near-zero metasurfaces.

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Sofya Dobrynina

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a third year undergraduate student at the University of St Andrews studying physics (with a focus on experimental physics). My project this summer involves researching ENZ (epsilon-near-zero) metasurfaces, focusing more specifically their design process, and using simulation techniques to try to optimise this process.  

Outside of academia, I enjoy being out in nature, and regularly go on walks/hikes around the beautiful countryside around the town. Having lived and grown up in several countries in Europe, I am also an avid language learner, and love connecting with people across different countries and cultures.