Militarization of Law Enforcement: A Look into the Middle East

Below is my research proposal on the Militarization of Law Enforcement in the Middle East. It outlines some of my general goals and how I've been assisting Professor Gustavo Flores-Macías with his research on the consequences of the militarization of law enforcement internationally.

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Ainav Rabinowitz

Laidlaw Undergraduate Scholar, Cornell University

Hi! My name is Ainav Rabinowitz, and I’m a rising Junior at Cornell University. I’m planning to double-major in Government and Feminist, Gender, and Sexuality Studies, and minor in Near Eastern Studies and Public Policy. My research project investigates the militarization of law enforcement in the Middle East, analyzing the way in which civilian police forces have become more militarized and the way militaries have taken on law enforcement responsibilities. My research will more specifically focus on the consequences of militarization on human rights over the past two decades, offering a broad overview of the Middle East as well as a closer analysis of 2-3 countries across the political spectrum. I will be working with Professor Flores-Macías, who focuses on the consequences of militarization in Latin America.

Feel free to reach out! Some other facts about me: I love anything art-related (I primarily create digital illustration and acrylic paintings), and also always love sharing my favorite books:)