Mapping the Songs, Lectures, and Lives of Scottish Dressmakers, Doctors, Chemists, and Journalists: The Case for Women Esperantists in 1911 Scotland

This research uncovered the professional and personal lives of Scottish women Esperantists, an area of gender history and transnational history unwritten until now. Utilizing land and spatial history, cartography, software, and statistics, I analyzed archival material for this research.

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Go to the profile of Stella Grover
10 months ago

This is brilliant Claire. This is what I love about the Laidlaw community, I hadn't even heard of a Scottish Esperanto population! Thank you for the fascinating read, beautifully written and clearly executed. I love this. 

Go to the profile of Stella Grover
10 months ago

Have just seen you have a podcast episode about it too... amazing. Listening asap.