LIA Showcase 2023: Children Matter Too

My Leadership in Action Showcase highlighting my 6-week placement at a women's 'by and for' charity in the North-East that supports Black and Minoritised women affected by Honour-Based Abuse, Forced Marriage, FGM and other hidden harms. I led on a project to support children survivors. Thank you.

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Halo Project supports victims and survivors of forced marriage, honour based violence and/or FGM, as well as advising agencies and training professionals to prevent future cases.

The Halo Project is a national charity that provides practical and emotional support to victims and survivors of honour-based violence, forced marriage and FGM including culturally-appropriate advice for victims from BAME communities. They work with service-users to reduce risks, educate and empower them to live a life free from harm. They believe education is the key to preventing these forms of abuses from happening, therefore we also work with key partners and frontline organisations to provide the required interventions and advice necessary for the protection and safety of victims, as well as raising awareness and providing training for professionals across the country.

Source: The Halo Project Charity, <>

Over the course of my placement I was given the wonderful opportunity to lead and on Halo's children's provisions to support children who may have witnessed or experienced abuse in a culturally-sensitive way. I produced workbooks and welcome packs for the children arriving at the women's refuge and for those engaging with the service

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