Laidlaw Project Outline

The document provides a brief outline of the project I am currently working on.

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Julian Pallinger

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hi there! I'm Julian, an economics student at the University of Hong Kong and a new Laidlaw scholar. Originally, I planned to work on developmental economics, more specifically on the developmental opportunities and challenges of the Rwandan metal industry, but these plans have been canceled due to COVID-19. Thus, I have switched to working on research in international trade by trying to better understand regional value chain integration between China and members of ASEAN.

For the Laidlaw project, however, I work on a quantitative paper that aims at better understanding the constraints governing the internationalization of Chinese NGOs. 

Apart from study, I like to discuss politics and philosophy, play ultimate frisbee, dance salsa, hike, cycle, and read fiction. Feel free to connect!