From Case Study to Sustainable Implementation: An Analysis of Successful Housing First Models

My Preliminary Research Proposal

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This is my original plan for my research this summer. I'm excited to conduct remote interviews and delve into literature review in order to further understand the necessary steps for alleviating chronic homelessness.

Lucy Stark

University of Toronto Student, University of Toronto Laidlaw Scholars Programme

I am a Lester B Pearson Scholar entering my second year at the University of Toronto as a history and economics double major. My Laidlaw project surrounds "Housing First" programs in cities across the world, including cities in Canada, the United States, and Finland. Through this project, I hope to discover what factors are most essential for successfully housing chronically homeless persons. Beyond this project, I am involved in the University of Toronto Moot Team, I write for two student papers, and I have a passion for documentary filmmaking.


Hi Lucy,

This sounds like a really interesting and valuable project, which will hopefully be able to gather some data to shape policy debate and effect real change.

This is almost the opposite of your project, but I wonder as well what the 'hallmarks' are of unsuccessful 'Housing First' programs - I can imagine funding plays a big part, but also public attitudes towards such programs and probably other factors I haven't thought of yet...

Best of luck with the project, and I look forward to reading more about it soon!