Anna Lysenko Summer 2022 Laidlaw Essay

Here it is! My Laidlaw research essay! The result of six weeks of research and countless hours of effort, frustration, and perseverance. I am so happy to have completed this writing project and I am excited to receive feedback on it and have even more discussions about a field I am passionate about.

Writing this essay was a real process of academic and personal growth! Over the course of six weeks, I learnt a lot about cybersecurity and cyberpolitics, in both scholarly articles and more informal online content. What was most special to me was nurturing and thinking about the connections between cybersecurity, which is typically characterized as a very clear-cut, math-heavy field, with the sociopolitical side of society I study. The result of my research is a careful synthesis of everything I learnt, with my personal insights interwoven throughout. I hope whoever reads this essay learns something new and enjoys reading it as much as I did writing it! 

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