An Intersectional Analysis of Racialized and Gendered Media Portrayals of Criminality

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As part of this two-year research fellowship, I have been working on designing and carrying out a sociological research project entitled “An Intersectional Analysis of Racialized and Gendered Media Portrayals of Criminality.” For my project, I have decided to focus on the issue of racial and gender biases within news media by examining how discriminatory patterns of language and imagery can lead to the creation and reinforcement of existing systems of oppression. My research focuses specifically on representations of female criminality within popular news media and explores the effects of intersectional social identities on such representation.

Molly Gould

student, Tufts University

I am an undergraduate student at Tufts University pursuing a degree in International Relations and Civic Studies, with a concentration in culture and identity systems. One of my greatest passions is participating in social activism initiatives and finding productive and creative ways to combat pressing issues and work toward positive global change. Through my experience as a researcher, I have been able to explore how various socially-constructed systems of oppression and privilege interlock and affect one another to create concrete patterns that impact people’s lived experiences and shape their worldviews. Every day, I continue to learn more about how to be a productive activist and ally in my community, and I am always open to new experiences and challenges. I absolutely love working with people, and in my life, I hope to have the opportunity to continue learning more about the world and its inhabitants.


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Thank you Molly!