A Qualitative Study of Homelessness for Women in Toronto

For my research project over the summer, I studied the causes that led to homelessness for women in Toronto as well as the issues that arise during their assimilation back into mainstream society. This study also examines the concept of intersectionality for homeless women.

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Areesha Imaan Siddiqui

Undergraduate Student and Research Assistant , University of Toronto

Hi everyone! My name is Areesha Imaan Siddiqui and I am third-year student at the University of Toronto - Mississauga campus. I'm currently doing a double major in Psychology and Sociocultural Anthropology with a minor in French. My research looks at homeless women in Toronto and the social and cultural processes as well as policies that affect how the women are re-integrated into society. Please feel free to message me to maybe talk about my research or anything else really!