2021 Research Report


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Central NY is a place of ebb and flows. Driving in Central NY, I see barns in the folds of rolling hills and quiet streams. The landscape in which the barns are sited in were carved by glaciersfrom over 50,000 years ago. The relationship of these barns and the land vary. Some barns perch on the glacial ground, others are dug in and hold the land back. For some the boundary between barn and site are blurred, the grasses and weeds weaving in between. Otherbarns are dilapidated and are folding back on itself, returning to the earth. These barns are often framed by traces of their past, broken tractors and rusted pipes that reflect to a time of use. It is through these barns that I learned that Central NY is a place of dualities: of nature and built, of preservation and dilapidation.

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