Vaccination Champion 2021

Vaccination Champion was a pilot project that I conducted in 2020. As described in my previous post, the pilot project was about designing a course to train students, particularly those studying health-related subjects, to become 'vaccination champions' and inspire positive change in public health.

With the COVID-19 vaccines having been approved over a year ago in the UK, discussions around vaccines and vaccination have never been more prevalent. Vaccine hesitancy is common and a growing problem, for many of the recommended vaccines including the COVID-19 vaccines. The Vaccination Champion course helps to address vaccine hesitancy through the training of future healthcare professionals, as well as others interested in advocating for vaccines.

 I would like to share that I have written a blog for the Pharmaceutical Journal discussing the Vaccination Champion pilot project and how it came about:

In addition, my project supervisors  and I have written a research article which has been published in the Pharmacy Education Journal, discussing  the Vaccination Champion pilot project  in detail: