👋 Announcing Direct Messaging

It is finally here! Meet the brand new direct messaging feature.

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We are extremely excited to announce that you can now connect with anyone on the Laidlaw Scholars Network by sending each other private messages directly on the platform. 

Here is how it works: 

To start a conversation, go to the user's profile and click 'Start Conversation'.

This will take you to the main Conversations page where you can send your first message to the recipient.

Your recipient will get an email notification saying that they've been invited to join a conversation with you. The conversation will only start once they've accepted this invitation. This means that users are protected and can decline conversations if they wish.

Once your recipient has accepted, they can reply to you. You can be notified of their response in two ways;

  1. If you're on the site, you will see the notification bell in the top right 'ring' when you have a new message;
  2. If you're offline, you will receive an email notification. 

There's a new setting on your notification preferences page that allows you to opt-in/out of these conversation notification emails.

To go to the Conversations page you can either click on the link from the notifications email, click the link from the notification bell, or go to 'My Conversations' in the top right;

We hope you make the most out of this feature to forge meaningful connections with fellow Scholars and other members of the Laidlaw community! 

If you have any questions - send me a direct message :) 

Nikol Chen (she/her)

Digital Content Manager, Laidlaw Foundation

Hello! I have been with the Laidlaw Foundation for over 2 years, helping us strengthen the global Laidlaw community and expand our programmes to break the cycle of poverty, reduce inequality, and develop a new generation of leaders.

I am originally from Kazakhstan and I studied Human Sciences at UCL. I am a fan of all things human- and design-related, as well as an avid swimmer, obsessive podcast listener, documentary enthusiast, and film photography fan.

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