Rizwan Kazi: Laidlaw Summer 2021 Video

Is China the big bad cheater in international trade Donald Trump and other world leaders commonly claim? My Laidlaw summer research looked at Chinese trade policy in bilateral and multilateral trade disputes.

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In this video, I discuss my research and its findings; parsing through hundreds of trade dispute cases under the World Trade Organization, US Trade Representative and International Trade Commission, and EU Directorate-General for Trade, I found that China's trade policy behaviors fit the size of its economy and the role it plays in the global macroeconomy. Unincluded in the video was the interesting political results that came about as an curious addendum: Democrats in the White House are more aggressive at large when it comes to trade, but Republicans are more aggressive against China.

Rizwan Kazi

Student, Columbia University

Hello! I'm Rizwan, a student at Columbia University born and raised in New York City majoring in Economics-Mathematics and concentrating in Philosophy. My research interests include development economics, environmental economics, political economy, and institutional, post-Keynesian, and new Keynesian theory. I'm especially interested in institutional development on the subnational, national, and international level and how the synergy of the three can be applied to policy goals such as peace, environmental protection and poverty alleviation.