Research Summer - Week 2


Hi! Here is a compilation of all of my TikToks from week 2 of my research summer! Please ignore that I got a day ahead of myself at the end there haha! 

Also, you might notice that day 10 is a little short. That's because I was having a bad mental health day, it's something that I'd normally ignore and try to push through to prove that I am a hard worker who has a busy day everyday. But taking time to focus on mental health doesn't make you any less of a hard worker and it's so important to me that we talk about it! As a researcher, I've found that I want to keep busy and keep up momentum but that just isn't sustainable. We all need to let ourselves rest, because self care comes above all else.  

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Go to the profile of Cherry Sylge
over 1 year ago

Thank you for mentioning the importance of taking care of mental health during the research period. Doing all the research at home makes it so much harder to feel supported and positive but this has reassured me a lot that it's okay to take it easy sometimes. I love that you've made a video to reflect aswell :))

I'm so glad it helps to see people talking about how mental health can be affected!! It's so nice to have a bit of a community, especially knowing how isolated it can feel doing it all alone in our rooms! I'm glad you like the videos as well though, thank you!! :) 

Go to the profile of Fatima Formuli
over 1 year ago

Hey Emily! First off, I love the creativity in sharing your research progress through TikTok! I guess something this summer you've been working on besides research is engaging more on the creator side of TikTok and video-editing (an added bonus skill)!

Thank you for sharing about the importance of taking a mental health day. I too was feeling a bit tired last week and decided to take a break from research for a few days. It's really important for all of us to take some time off to enjoy a day or two a week doing something besides school or work just to get our mind off things and to refresh. Especially since many of us are doing research online, things get tiring much more quickly. I personally take 1 day a week off from everything to spend time with my family and to catch up on small chores - do what you need to do to stay mentally healthy!

Hi Fatima! Sorry, I've only just seen this now! Thank you so much for your kind words about my TikTok idea for presenting my research summer, it's so nice to do something creative alongside something academic so I'm so happy it's well received! 

And you're completely right, it's so important to remember to live a life outside of research and focus on our mental wellbeing as well as our academic careers! That one day off sounds like an amazing idea!! :)