Research Conclusions Video - Summer 2021

My research conclusions video to accompany my paper: The New Western Wall: the use of the Crusades in the rationale of far-right organisations and what this reveals about the readings of its history.

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Hi everyone, 

Alongside my research paper, I set out to produce a research conclusions video to summarise what I found through my work during the previous summer, along with dwelling on the possibilities of where to take my research next! You can also view this video here on my YouTube channel: 

*Captions [CC] are still a work in progress* 

Stephanie Ormond

Student (she/her), Durham University

I'm currently a second-year history student at Durham University from West Sussex with a particular interest in connections between the modern and medieval worlds. For my research, I will be looking at the use of the Crusades within far-right organizations and what it reveals about the readings of crusade history. Also, I like music and photography.