Young People & Active Journeys - Day Two

Day two at Kentmere

On our second day, the young people were tasked to fill out a sheet detailing whether they use active travel for certain places they go to during the week. It was interesting to see the variety in responses from them when we discussed it and asked them to further expand on why or why they don't use active travel. One of the participants highlighted how they had to cycle to school rain or shine because the bus fare was too expensive. Another one said how it was impractical to walk or cycle to school because of the fact that it was simply too far. 

Then, we did a virtual walk along. We asked the young people to virtually bring us to where they normally wouldn't use active travel using Google Maps and we discussed why that was the case. Following this, they made a gallery of barriers by sticking post its of the barriers to their own life preventing them from using active travel as well as those of their friends or younger people that they know so that we have a broad range of answers on several themes around the wall, including physical factors or cost. 

We ended the day by discussing these barriers and trying to start brainstorming possible solutions to these.

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