📺 RECORDING | Global Induction Session 2021

Thank you so much to everyone who attended the 2021 Laidlaw Global Induction Session! We hope you enjoyed it. In case you missed it - here is the recording.

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00:00:00 - Welcome

00:03:15 - Programme Overview & Introduction to the Laidlaw Foundation by Susanna V. Kempe

00:14:30 - How To Get The Most Out of The Programme + Future Benefits by Laidlaw Alumni 

    • 00:15:00 - Reuben Morris-Dyer (St Andrews) 
    • 00:19:57 - Richita Kudlamath (HKU) 
    • 00:25:07 - Kayla Kim (Oxford)
    • 00:30:45 - Phoebe Sargeant (Tufts)

00:36:45 - The Laidlaw Scholars Network by Nikol Chen

00:47:45 - Finding Your Subject Community by Laidlaw Subject Leads

00:56:00 - The Laidlaw Near Peer Initiative by Ariella Lang

01:00:30 - An Interview with Lord Laidlaw 

01:15:30 - Intro to the New Ethical Leaders Programme by Dr Daniel Effron

01:28:20 - Final Remarks + Q&A

Nikol Chen (she/her)

Digital Content Manager, Laidlaw Foundation

Hello! My name is Nikol and I look after the Laidlaw Scholars Network.

I am originally from Kazakhstan and I studied Human Sciences at UCL. My final research explored the potential effects of design on patient wellbeing in hospitals, and I also took modules such as Ethnographic Documentary Filmmaking, Anthropology of the Built Environment, Art in the Public Sphere, and other less interesting-sounding things :)

Drop me a line if you have any questions about the site, or if you'd just like to chat! I am always down to meet interesting people, so let's get [virtual] coffee ☕️