Leadership in Action Video - My Time with TSN

This is a video highlighting my leadership in action project in Boston with the Timothy Smith Network (TSN) over the summer of 2023. I discuss my motivation for the project and my experience working with scholars from around the world.

I feel like it would be remiss of me not to explicitly thank, by name, all the scholars with whom I had the pleasure of working in Boston. Many, many thanks go out to my fellow St Andrews scholars @Supakorn (Nikko) Juengsophonvitavas   and @Alexander Beckett, Durham scholars @patrick hughes (co-instructor in my Tech Your Health class) and @Thomas Williamson , Trinity College Dublin scholars @Ella Burkett and @Luke Rabbitte, UCL scholar @Princess J Emeanuwa and last but not least University of Hong Kong scholar @Angela Venus Sakuntala. My time with TSN would not have been the same without the company and support of all of you.

I would also like to give a special thank you to TSN managing director @Alessandra Brown , executive director Milton Irving, IT support and technical trainer Amanda Abdul-Jabbaar and programs strategist consultant Nona Cheeks.

Credits for image and video snippets in this video go to:

  • Supakorn (Nikko) Juengsophonvitavas
  • Patrick Hughes
  • Angela Venus Sakuntala
  • Princess J Emeanuwa
  • The Timothy Smith Network [for images of Timothy Smith and old map of Roxbury available at https://timothysmithnetwork.org/about-us/]

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3 months ago

Wonderful video @Joel Beckles . Thanks so much for sharing. Hope the Red Sox won! If you are interested in Physics summer camps you might want to check out https://www.tcd.ie/waltonclub/. @Ella Burkett and @Luke Rabbitte may be able to tell you more about it/ provide intros. it is a great programme in Dublin founded by physicists from Trinity. I think it would be amazing to replicate the programme at St. Andrews and other university cities.