Introduction To The Psychology of (Un)Ethical Behaviour

by Daniel Effron, Associate Professor at London Business School

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Dr Effron introduces a new global component in the Laidlaw leadership curriculum - The Psychology of (Un)Ethical Behaviour, which will launch later this year.

In this course, Laidlaw Scholars from all over the world will work together to understand why good people do bad things. You will actively build your moral muscle, prepare yourself for leadership roles, and ensure that you have the ethical resilience to hold true to your values when you are in positions of power.

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Nikol Chen (she/her)

Digital Content Manager, Laidlaw Foundation

Hello! My name is Nikol and I look after the Laidlaw Scholars Network.

I am originally from Kazakhstan and I studied Human Sciences at UCL. My final research explored the potential effects of design on patient wellbeing in hospitals, and I also took modules such as Ethnographic Documentary Filmmaking, Anthropology of the Built Environment, Art in the Public Sphere, and other less interesting-sounding things :)

Drop me a line if you have any questions about the site, or if you'd just like to chat! I am always down to meet interesting people, so let's get [virtual] coffee ☕️


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