#LaidlawCareers: TV & Film

Thank you to everyone who joined us yesterday for the #LaidlawCareers Panel on TV & Film, organised by the Laidlaw Alumni Society! You can watch the recording of the panel here. Time codes below.

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The Panellists

Darren Jones - Screenwriter and Author

Sonia Wargacka - Founder of a social impact video production company, DoesItFeelGood.com

Anastasia Soev - Freelance photographer & filmmaker, University of York Laidlaw Alumna

Bethany White - Company Director at Dark Avenue Film, University of York Laidlaw Alumna

Moderated by: Reuben Morris-Dyer - Student filmmaker, University of St Andrews Laidlaw Alum

Time codes

7:10 - Darren & Sonia: How competitive is the film & TV industry? How has that landscape changed over the last few years?

12:34 - Bethany & Anastasia: How did your experiences as Laidlaw Scholars help you in the film & TV industry? How can current scholars use their scholarship experiences to their advantage when entering the industry, even if their project is not film & TV-related?

19:25 - Darren: How did you make the change from working in editing to being a writer for children's television? How has that pathway changed recently?

21:57 - Sonia: How does the process differ between working in fiction and documentary filmmaking?

26:10 - Bethany: What resources would you recommend for young writers who are trying to get their foot in the door?

28:55 - Anastasia: How can student filmmakers make the most of their time at university, preparing themselves for working in the real world?

32:30 - Darren: What is the biggest mistake aspiring film & TV professionals make when they begin their careers?

33:58 - Sonia: What are your tips for working as a freelancer?

38:45 & 44:25 - [Audience question] How much of an advantage is it to study Film at university if you are looking to get into the industry?

41:00 - Sonia: How is working freelance different to working at contract jobs?

47:13 - [Audience question] What’s the mobility like between a position of starting, say, as a researcher, and roles with more creative direction?

48:53 - [Audience question] If you were to set up your own company what would you recommend in order to land clients and get work?

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