Akshay Manglik — Laidlaw Summer 2022

A summary of my research on the method of loci memory technique & fMRIs during my first summer as a Laidlaw Scholar at Columbia!

Research conducted at the Baldassano Lab at Columbia University under Jiawen Huang during Summer 2022. I analyzed fMRIs of subjects learning to use the method of loci memory technique (MoL), specifically while forming memories (encoding) and retrieving memories (recall). I then computed and compared similarity values for observed neural patterns in the posteromedial cortex (PMC) during encoding and recall, both for each subject and across subjects. The PMC, as part of the default mode network, is involved in imagination and daydreaming, and would be activated by the mental imagery and storytelling involved in MoL. This research built upon work in Chen et al (2017), which we used to contextualize our results relative to other memory processes, such as summarization of naturalistic stimuli. My research on this topic is still ongoing!

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