Rebecca Lowndes - University of York

Fiji Volunteer Project - Rebecca Lowndes Laidlaw Scholar Rebecca Lowndes, a Psychology Student from the University of York, reflects on her experiences of living in a traditional Fijian village whilst volunteering in a local school with Think Pacific in the Fiji Islands.

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Rebecca reflects on her time living in a traditional village, on a remote Fijian island, whilst Supporting Fijian Ministry of Health initiatives.

Rebecca recently completed her Think Pacific programme in the Fiji Islands. 

The project was based on the remote Lomaiviti Island of Moturiki, where for a month a team of Laidlaw Scholars lived a very traditional and back-basics lifestyle, whilst working alongside the teachers at Uliubau School and youth leaders to provide engaging education and sports programs for local children.

We interviewed Rebecca to provide an opportunity for her to share learnings, successes and challenges following her time in Fiji. 


Think Pacific

Think Pacific is a volunteer project, a self-development program and a culturally immersive exchange. As a UK social enterprise and registered Fijian charity, we work with the Fijian government to achieve the aims of the Fiji National Development Plan in remote Fijian communities. Our projects are a two-way process. We improve the life-skills, global understanding and personal development of both Fijian young adults and international young adults through collaborative learning and action projects.