Magda Smith

Student, Cornell University
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  • United States of America
Maja Anderson

Manager of Undergraduate Programs & International Experiences, Coordinator of the Laidlaw Program, Cornell University , Cornell University

Lissette Lorenz

Graduate Student Mentor, Cornell University

Milan Taylor

Student, Cornell University

Lia Sokol

Student, Cornell University

Hi! My name is Lia, and I am in my final year at Cornell University. I'm majoring in Government and pursuing an independent major that combines politics, international studies, and sociology. My first-year Laidlaw project was focused on researching Russian political parties in the lead-up to the country's 2021 parliamentary elections. During my second summer, I traveled to Choma, Zambia through the Laidlaw centralized project with Columbia University.
At Cornell University, students across disciplines are passionate about changing the world. Open to first- and second-year students, the Laidlaw Undergraduate Research and Leadership Program provides generous support for student research, offers hands-on leadership development and reflection, and encourages students to reinvest their knowledge to help others succeed. Laidlaw Scholars are part of an international network of like-minded leaders.
Ashmitha Sivakumar

Undergraduate Student, Cornell University

Hello, I'm Ashmitha, a sophomore studying biomedical engineering and I’m from Collegeville, Pennsylvania. I have always found the intersection of biology and technology fascinating. I am motivated to learn different ways in which I can serve my local community by using science as a pathway. My creativity, problem-solving, and past experiences serve as forms of inspiration to me. I strive to pursue opportunities that challenge and broaden my perspective. In the future, I hope to attend medical school after a few gap years. On campus, I am involved in Global Medical and Dental Brigades, a club where we travel to rural communities in South American countries to provide medical services. I am an undergraduate researcher in the Schaffer-Nishimura lab, where I conduct Alzheimer's disease research. I am also a member of the product development subteam and recruitment chair for Biomedical Device, an interdisciplinary team that designs and builds biomedical devices. In my free time, I like to go on nature walks, run, listen to music, and read. I enjoy trying out new restaurants and hobbies like photography and painting.
Makenna Ramsay

Student and scholar , Cornell University

I am a Senior at Cornell University studying Animal Science. I plan to pursue vet school after graduation or go to grad school. For fun, I like to train and show dogs, ride horses, read, travel, and spend time outside. I have grown in my research and leadership skills as a Laidlaw Scholar. I had an amazing experience traveling abroad to pursue a meaningful experience helping others. 
Cici Zhou

Laidlaw Scholar, Cornell University

Krupa Chandra Sekhar

Student, Cornell University

Hello! I am a student strongly interested in the intersection of engineering, healthcare, and social justice. Having worked extensively in both the biomedical research and healthcare activism spheres, I believe in the power of technology to improve access to healthcare and STEM education. I am currently a Tradition Fellow and Laidlaw Scholar at Cornell University.
Eli Newell

International Agriculture & Rural Development Student, Cornell University

I am an undergraduate at Cornell pursuing a B.S. in International Agriculture & Rural Development (IARD). My long-term aspiration is to deliver improved agricultural and public health outcomes using agronomy principles, geospatial tools, and community-engaged approaches. My current focus is on circular bionutrient economy opportunities in the Lake Victoria basin (Kenya) to address simultaneous eutrophication in the lake and nutrient deficit in surrounding agriculture, primarily through novel sanitation and fertilizer production methods. My research with Prof. Rebecca Nelson at Cornell and with Prof. Charles Midega at Poverty & Health Integrated Solution (PHIS) and Maseno University in Kisumu, Kenya, strives to advance these opportunities. I was introduced to agriculture at a young age while working for a diversified livestock farm in my hometown, where I gained an appreciation for the scientific method and agricultural research. I am motivated by exhilarating collaboration, the excitement of being on the cutting edge of agricultural research and development, and agriculture’s vast impact on public and environmental health.
Tenzin Kunsang

Undergraduate Researcher, Cornell University

Hi! My name is Tenzin and I am an incoming sophomore Posse Scholar and Laidlaw Scholar at Cornell University. I am pursuing a major in Biology & society and minors in Migration Studies and Inequality Studies on the Health Equity track. My interests lie at the interface of health sciences and cultural studies. My Laidlaw project focuses on risk factors for tuberculosis transmission in children and diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers. 
Kristin Ramsay

Former Laidlaw Scholars Program Manager, Cornell University

Kristin began the Laidlaw Leadership and Research Scholars program at Cornell University and was responsible for undergraduate engagement in the Einaudi Center for International Studies. She now provides remote support for Global Cornell. A Cornell alumna, Kristin majored in international agriculture and rural development then worked in agriculture and community development with an NGO in Kenya for six years. Her graduate work focused on community leadership development. Kristin enjoys traveling, reading, and spending time with her family (and 3 dogs).