Keir Chauhan (He/Him)

Student, University College London
Reese Taylor

Research Scholar, Barnard College, Columbia University

Reese Taylor is an intended philosophy major with a focus on human rights or race and ethnicity studies on a pre-law track. At the LaidLaw Institute, she aims to initiate research into the historical and contemporary impact of "self-help" rhetoric on Black communities, aspiring to unveil persistent oppression and advocate for meaningful change.
Anjali Sarker

Programme Manager, The Oxford Character Project

Dr Corey Crossan

Research and Teaching Scholar, The Oxford Character Project

Princess Agina

Community and Project Management Executive, Laidlaw Foundation

Embracing the vibrant world of the Laidlaw Foundation, first as a Laidlaw Scholar at Oxford University's Saïd Business School and now as the Community and Project Management Executive, has been an exciting journey. Nurturing our vast online community, working closely with partners, and supporting internal projects are just a few highlights of my role at the Foundation. Working at the Foundation and on my startup ConnectU is something that I cherish. Off-duty, I'm often found at the piano🎹, mesmerized in a theatre🎭, or painting away the night with friends🎨.  If our paths align in interests or work, why not connect? Ping me, and let's connect on LinkedIn.
Peter Vojnits

Laidlaw Scholar Alumnus, Durham Unviersity

Hello all! I did my Laidlaw Programme at Durham University between 2019-2021. My research project focused on evaluating the immigration and asylum system of the EU through a case study of the 2015 immigration crisis. Following the completion of my undergraduate LLB degree I moved to London to pursue my postgraduate LLM study at Queen Mary University of London.
Luke Pätzold

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Usually, I study Middle Eastern and European Languages and Cultures at Trinity College Dublin, however currently, I am spending one semester at Charles University Prague after having spent the last semester at the University of Granada. I am very interested in Holocaust Studies and my summer research project concerns the study of the influence of Holocaust fiction on public memory and the spread of misinformation. I conducted my research in the Research Department of the Memorial and Museum Auschwitz-Birkenau in Oświęcim, Poland. In my free time, I fence Épée.

Scholar, St Andrews

I am from London, UK I study Philosophy and English at St Andrews My research/leadership project is about the philosophy of ecology - specifically, ways of thinking about Nature and what that entails for human beings. I will be evaluating the two main alternative models to the 'anthropocentric' one (which considers human beings separate two and above Nature). These are the Holistic view - that we should dissolve the human/nature barrier and consider ourselves as parts of one entangled system - and the Othering view - which defines what is natural as what is non-human.  I chose this project because I believe that the Earth Systems Crisis we are experiencing is not merely technological, but deeply rooted in the way humans beings think about nature. I also chose it because I find the ideas involved to be ecstatically beautiful, and to deepen by experience of the world.  When I'm not studying, I like to write and read poetry, spend hours in art galleries, wander in forests, and dance the nights away. I also help run Refugee Action St Andrews, as Vice President.  I'd love to connect with someone who is interested in philosophy, poetry, or nature, wherever they may be. 
Trisha Bhujle

Laidlaw Scholar, Laidlaw Foundation

Hello! I’m Trisha, an incoming third-year student at Cornell University from Texas, USA. I’m majoring in Environment and Sustainability with a concentration in Food Systems, and minoring in International Relations, International Trade and Development, and Climate Change. My interests in combining my enduring passions for writing and wildlife conservation have driven me to explore multiple perspectives on highly-controversial issues such as trophy hunting, retaliatory animal killings, and illegal wildlife crime. Thus, during my first summer as a Laidlaw Scholar and as a member of the Morally Contested Conservation team, I wrote a literature review on the interconnectedness of climate change and human-wildlife conflicts in East and southern Africa. In June 2024, I plan to further this research by traveling to the University of Oxford and to the Burunge Wildlife Management Area in Tanzania.  As an aspiring environmental policymaker and journalist, I am passionate about making technical scientific information more accessible to the general public. At Cornell, I am an Institute of Politics and Global Affairs Scholar, through which I interact with policymakers monthly to discuss pervasive issues in international politics. I also speak Marathi, Spanish, and Swahili at varying levels of fluency and plan to continue to grow my language skills to communicate environmental issues across continents and cultures.  For fun, I love to turn even the most mundane materials into recycled art, spend hours on end working through jigsaw puzzles, and go for runs while listening to podcasts. And as a diehard foodie who loves to travel, I’m always looking for recommendations of places to visit or new recipes to try!  The Laidlaw Scholars Program has been an invaluable component of my undergraduate experience. The friendships I’ve made, as well as the research and language skills I’ve begun to develop, have encouraged me to continue to ask and seek answers to complicated questions about global affairs and environmental science. If anyone has questions or feedback about the Laidlaw Program, is interested in collaborating, or just wants to say hello, please feel free to email me at I’d love to say hi, and I hope we can meet in person someday! Watch this video for a brief introduction to myself.
Victoria Lynn

Student, University of Leeds

Hi, my names Victoria Lynn and I'm currently in my final year studying LLB Law at the University of Leeds! My research focuses on the perceptions of school staff of autistic girls in secondary education, a topic which is heavily under-represented in the wider Autism literature due to the misconception of Autism being a 'male' condition, largely due to difference in presentation, and a higher number of autistic girls masking their Autistic traits. This topic is one which is also close to home, having had many of my own concerns throughout education regarding Dyslexia, which was often dismissed as I was not deemed to be "struggling enough." Both my own experience and my knowledge learned through researching this topic has inspired me to write my final year legal dissertation on the "right to inclusive education" (Article 24 of the United Nations Convention of Persons with Disabilities) of Autistic pupils in secondary education in England.
Grace Lee

Geography Student, Durham University

Hi, I'm Grace, a second-year Geography BSc student at Durham University, To me, sustainability is not just about maintaining an ecological balance, but also achieving a social one. I want to be a part of the movement to achieve this.  Before starting university, I knew I wanted to have a career in sustainable agriculture, as it combines two industries that fascinated me. As a rapidly growing field, it has the potential to help secure the future and make sure that sufficient nutrition is available in all corners of the world. It is important to me that my future career has an active role in innovating resilient agricultural practices and creating a sustainable food production system, whilst advocating the importance of sustainability and mitigating the impacts of global warming. With that being said, I knew that being part of the Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme would give me an incredible opportunity to develop my leadership skills. Feeding off the passion and enthusiasm that fellow scholars also embrace I'll be able to further my knowledge in a structured and beneficial practice, with firsthand experience as part of my LiA. Having completed my first-year research project I am currently in New Zealand working with a charity called Grow Asia Pacific for my Leadership in Action Please feel free to reach out, I would love to chat!
Adam Ó Ceallaigh

Student, Trinity College Dublin

Adam is a student of Political Science and Geography at Trinity College Dublin and, is a Senior Volunteer with Scouting Ireland.
Karis Lonie

Student & Scholar , University of St Andrews

I am a fourth year student studying Geography and Sustainable Development at The University of St Andrews. I have a particular interest in reforestation, conservation and climate change mitigation. For the first summer of the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme I produced a research essay and poster titled 'Climate Change Mitigation: Investigating the impact of land use on soil organic matter (SOM)'. My research focuses on measuring and reporting soil organic matter content across different land use types such as cropland and woodland. I explore the climate change mitigation potential of soil and the potential of adding soil organic matter through woodland restoration. For the second summer of the Laidlaw Scholars Leadership and Research Programme I produced a Leadership-in-Action Video about my project on sustainable agricultural practices in Williamsburg, Virginia. My LiA project involved interviewing farmers in and around Williamsburg, academic researchers at the local university, The College of William and Mary and the manager of the Williamsburg Farmers Market. I also produced a reflective essay about my experience over the Laidlaw Scholarship titled 'Learning, Growing and Developing as a Leader'.
David Bell

Student, University of Leeds

Studies Theoretical Physics at the University of Leeds, currently on a year in industry at Raspberry Pi as part of the Hardware Engineering team. During my research period, I worked with academics within my department to investigate "Belonging and Engagement in a Successful Transition to University", with a particular focus on how students with less typical entry routes to higher education experience belonging. I'm always intruiged by different ways to apply the physics and mathematics from my course, with a particular interest in quantum physics, fluid dynamics and computational physics. In my free time I enjoy playing tennis, tinkering with technology, and flying light aircraft.
Sarah Routley

Student, University of St Andrews

Hello everyone! I'm Sarah (she/her) and I am a fourth-year undergraduate student in Philosophy at the University of St Andrews. I am particularly interested in the applications of philosophy to social and political issues, and how we can use philosophical arguments to inform policy decisions. As such, my research project concerned the appropriateness of belief and doubt in cases of sexual assault and the implications for university and legal policy. For my Leadership-in-Action, I conducted an evaluation of a sexual violence prevention education programme run by an NGO in Auckland, New Zealand
Michael Officer

Graduate Research & Teaching Assistant, Trinity College Dublin

Hello, my name is Michael and I'm a recent Zoology graduate from Trinity College Dublin. My Laidlaw research investigated factors contributing to the transmission of avian influenza to farmed poultry. And I completed my Leadership in Action project with Think Pacific on the Environment & Sustainability programme in Rarabasaga, Fiji. I'm delighted to remain a part of the Laidlaw community and am as excited as ever to get to know many of you! My current research interests are in freshwater ecosystem responses to multiple stressor effects. But really anything!
This prestigious programme at UCL makes available 25 generous bursaries as part of its package of training and research opportunities. The Laidlaw Research and Leadership Programme aims to create the leaders of the future. It is open to ambitious high-performing first year undergraduate students in any discipline who have a desire to undertake research at a high level.
Nola Mak

Student, UCL

Cath Brislane

Subject Lead/ Undergraduate Scholar, University of York

I am a final-year undergraduate scholar pursuing a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Linguistics at the University of York. Besides being a scholar, I am the Arts and Humanities Subject Lead on the Scholar's Network and the 2020-22 Arts and Humanities faculty rep at the University of York! My first summer of research was based in phonetics, entitled 'The untapped potential of human language: Investigating the perception of typologically unattested and rare sounds'. In it, I get to look at phonemes that are not commonly found in speech, if at all! My Leadership in Action project was based around the experiences of students with disabilities and long-term health conditions when accessing Higher Education in the UK. I'm currently creating teacher training based on the paper I wrote for this project, and working with UCAS to help inform UK university admissions policy. 
Rachel Wan

Student, UCL

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I am currently a third-year Biomedical Engineering Student at UCL.  My research experience with Laidlaw was centred around an imaging technique called photoacoustic imaging, which is a novel technique using laser-induced sound waves to provide highly-detailed images of the structure of our bodies. I am very passionate about medtech, environmental sustainability design and technology-- let's chat!