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I am a forth year Medieval History and Art History student at the University of St Andrews. My areas of interest vary but fields that have interested me in the past have included: late medieval and early modern religious history in western Europe; social and labour history in the nineteenth and early-twentieth century; and the history of early modern art and architecture in northern Europe. My research project was supervised by Drs Amy Blakeway and Jacqueline Rose. Titled 'History, religion and community in North East Fife', my project investigated the history of the village of Kingsbarns using archival material and interviews. My essay was a social history of the area, with a section on historical methodology.

In my second summer, I created and hosted a local history workshop in collaboration with the Boomerang Community Centre in Stobswell, Dundee. This combined archival research with an empowering leadership project, which encouraged participants to continue to investigate historical topics they are passionate about. The workshop was greatly successful, and feedback from the participants was wholly positive.

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Replying to Cath Brislane

Fantastic stuff as always James! I can see this work being really applicable to the local community. York has the Borthwick Institute of archives based in one of the university libraries, and I think a project like this would have an amazing reach into local communities and make a real difference. It also sounds like you're enjoying it, which is great! Can't wait to hear how the rest of it goes :)

Thanks very much, Cath! That sounds like a great resource to teach people about local history! Good luck with your work this summer :)

Your project sounds so interesting! 

Replying to Inkindi Mutoni Sabine

This is Amazing!

Thank you!

Replying to Gwendoline


Thank you, Gwen!