Cedric Desenfants

Student, University Of York

About Cedric Desenfants

My Laidlaw Research is set to explore World Cave art as an emotional and educational vehicle to decolonizing practices through the use of new technologies. Starting with a documentary pilot, I only hope to help shed more light onto conversations that are today more vital than ever, in such a beautiful yet maddening world unquestionably still lost in the dark. Currently chasing my childhood's 'American dream' with an enduring will, I am currently studying for a BA of Archaeology & Heritage at the University of York with the aim of pursuing a career in Museums in the United States. I previously worked professionally in the international film and television industry in Australia and France, including film productions as an independent filmmaker where I have focused on Australia’s colonial history. My ambition is to unite my creative side to a career in Heritage Archaeology to explore decolonizing practices in global context, and help blaze new trails towards a more inclusive future.

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Anthropology Fine Art Gender Studies History LGBTQ+ Society & Culture


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