I'm launching a new study Instagram!

Come and check it out!

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I have made a new Instagram account to showcase my professional development, day-to-day work, and some pretty study zones! It would be really appreciated if you could check out and follow my page, there will be a lot of updates coming soon, especially as my research scholarship starts.

Please click here to give it a look!

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Catherine Brislane

Student, University of York

I am a first-year undergraduate scholar pursuing a BA in English Literature and Linguistics. Besides being a scholar, I am the 2020-21 Arts and Humanities faculty rep at the University of York! My research is based in phonetics, entitled 'The untapped potential of human language: investigating the articulation of unattested sounds'. Despite the pandemic, I am planning to use electromagnetic articulography equipment. This is not commonly accessible to undergraduates which is really exciting!

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