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Nikol Chen

Marketing & Design, Laidlaw Foundation
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Charlie Bingham

Student , University of York

I am an Archaeology student at the University of York. My main areas of research interest are focused around using Primatology to teach us about the origins of our own species and our behaviours. However, my Laidlaw research project is giving me the unique opportunity to explore another area of Archaeology, ancient plant DNA. My project, entitled, 'Historic Corn Smut: Using ancient DNA methods to understand the risk to UK agriculture', is allowing me to learn about ancient DNA methods during my undergraduate degree. This is something I would not normally get the opportunity to do until masters level. The project is an exciting insight into the evolution of a particular fungal pathogen and looking at the risk this evolutionary progress poses to farming in the UK. As well as being a busy student, I am also a mother of two children under five years of age. Combining these two things has taught me the importance of time management, prioritising and has made me even more determined to succeed.
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Laura Nebout

Laidlaw Scholar , University of St Andrews

Scholar from the 2018 St Andrews Laidlaw Cohort. My project was under the supervision of Prof. Sabine Hyland in the Department of Social Anthropology, and is entitled "Revolutionary Women in the indigenous revolt of 1783, Peru". I am currently looking into publication of my research findings, and will present them as a panellist at a conference in York in 2020.
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Valeriya Ryabchina

Laidlaw Scholar, University of St Andrews

I am a 4th year Financial Economics student. My Laidlaw project was in psychology of perception/psychophysics (my degree used to be Economics & Psychology before I switched to Financial Economics). The title of the project was 'Attention in 3 dimensions' and I was investigating the mechanism of selective attention in depth processing.
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Third year PPE student, Univeristy of York

I am a third year PPE student, my interests lie in peace-building, immigration policy and diplomacy. As an aspiring diplomat, my aim is to reform the 'existing' EU migrant crisis system, as the current system is not sustainable for the climate migrant crisis coming in 2050. During my time at university I have been press and publicity in club of PEP, president of Amnesty International as well as having an internship at Amnesty international. I am currently the president of International Development Society. The ambition I have as a president is to reform the society to become a common platform for students that do not necessarily know what they want to do, but know they want to have a positive social impact on the world. Knowing you want to do this, should be. drive enough to get any job (in my opinion). We are planning various of creative, as well as informative events. The biggest event we are planning at the moment is to host the a student run networking conference where our aim is to demonstrate to students across the UK that you can do 'good' in every profession. I am therefore currently looking for speakers, if you are interested, please do get in contact!
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Lucy Morris

Laidlaw Project Officer, Durham University

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Lauren Powdrell

Student, Durham University

Hello! I am interested in Children's Literature and its effect on its readers. For my research project, I am looking at Ghanaian Children's Literature. In the future, I would love to broaden this to Children's Literature Around the World.
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Paul Burgum

CEO & Founder , BCT Aspire CIC

I have spent the last 10 years working on the concept of mental fitness, as counter to the old stigmatized concept of mental health. I am hugely interested in how people can develop resilience and endurance. This has led me to studying applied psychology. My Laidlaw scholarship research project has been looking into the effects of emotion on the performance of Ultramarathon runners at distances of both 60 miles and 110 miles. This is the first sports psychology study that has attempted to measure this actually within-race rather than just pre and post race. Since suffering a nervous breakdown in 2009, and finally admitting to himself his own mental health and alcohol problems. A period of his life that is now looked upon as the positive beginning of a new chapter. Paul has gone on to build an awarding social enterprise BCT Aspire CIC, completed numerous high-profile endurance challenges and applied his learning to helping others and now supporting his academic journey as a mature student. BCT Aspire CIC has over the last decade delivered thousands of successful youth sessions and activity programmes for local children & young people on Teesside. Currently BCT Aspire delivers five youth sessions every week in Billingham including; Youth clubs, fitness sessions, music lessons, Duke of Edinburgh Awards and community events all with a voluntary team. A former talented Rugby player who represented England North at his peak, Paul’s attempt to get to grips with his problems led him to begin walking. This resulted in a 3000 miles adventure spanning the length of Europe, from the Southern Tip of Italy to the edge of the Orkney Islands, also passing through France, England & Scotland. All completed without support and relying on the human kindness of strangers. This has been followed up by running single stage ultramarathons up to 160 miles and last year completed the Wainwrights Coast to Coast completely barefoot to raise funds for his work and supporting his belief in positive thinking. Paul’s first two EBooks from the “Jumping the Cliff” series have topped the Amazon EBook charts for both Depression, Anxiety & Mental Health sections, with his next book from his six-week journey across Italy now out in paperback. Paul started his speaking career talking to pupils at a school with children who had behavioural problems, a place where Paul gained the courage to talk about his own way of trying to reset his own learnt behaviours. Since then he has given talks to a cross section of people including business people, professional sportsmen, youth groups, colleges & universities. Paul has also won numerous Business & Community Awards for his diverse range of work including; Entrepreneurs Forum Emerging Talent 2012; Evening Gazette’s Community Champion for Children & Young People 2012; Gazette Community Awards Finalist twice (Ambassador & Fundraising), Teesside Philanthropic Charity – Teesside Hero Paul is a qualified outdoor leader with BCT Aspire CIC who enjoys sharing these skills with people aiming to build confidence and also relaxing on the hills with his dog Molly and now his young son Pavel. Paul currently mixes his role as Managing Director of BCT Aspire, with speaking work, and studying applied psychology at Durham University. This also includes holding a prestigious Laidlaw scholarship for emerging global research talent, currently researching the mental approaches of endurance athletes. Furthermore, a trustee of Catalyst Stockton on Tees the VCSE infrastructure body for the area.
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Beth Davenport

Natural Sciences Undergraduate, Durham University

My expertise is in molecular genetics, specifically genetic engineering techniques with plants. I also have some experience with plant physiological research and bioinformatics in coexpression analysis and orthologue identification between species. My interests include both the fields of evolutionary and molecular genetics, and I minor in physical and human geography in my degree. In future I hope to continue genetic research, aspiring for that which explores links between genetic research, the environment/climate, food security and disease eradication.
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Inkindi Mutoni Sabine

Student, University of Rwanda

I am an engineering student at the University of Rwanda. I am doing Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering.
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Navya Lobo

Research Scholar in Geography at Laidlaw Foundation, Naturvation

Londoner studying Geography, interested in Community Gardens and their wider impact in society. Interested in Urban Agriculture and Sustainable Cities. Passionate about product design, gender equality and co-founder of the Amazon Rainforest Initiative.
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Diana J Capone

Administrative Coordinator, Tufts University

Research and Academic Administration
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Hira Khanum

consultant, Columbia Business School

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Celestin Mbonabucya

LaidLaw Cooedinator, University of Rwanda

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Marcellus George Augustine

Medical Student, UCL

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Lottie Emily Doherty

Student , University of St Andrews

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Maciej Respekta

President, Jagiellonian Foundation

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Finlay Langham

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a third-year student at St Andrews studying English! My research is into spoken word poetry and its connection to politics, particularly in Edinburgh (it's a bit niche bit I love it). I am also part of the feminist society and I love to meet new people and bake too much shortbread at midnight!
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Gráinne Sexton

Student, School of English, Trinity College Dublin

Student of English Literature/History at Trinity College Dublin. My research explores the nature of borders and boundaries in the literature of indigenous American communities, with a particular focus on the work of contemporary Native American author Leslie Marmon Silko.
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Ruth Siddall

Academic Director, UCL Laidlaw Scholarships Programme, UCL

Materials and Materiality in Cultural Heritage
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Colombe Mabboux-Fort

Student, University of York

I'm a second-year Biology student at the University of York. I'm originally from Switzerland but came to the UK to continue my studies! My Laidlaw project focuses on the C-terminus of the Tmem184b protein that is involved in neurodegeneration. I aspire to be a great leader and a strong woman who can lead her team towards the goals we want to achieve!