Nikol Chen (she/her)

Digital Content Manager, Laidlaw Foundation
Shehnaz Sheikhdon Salad

Student , University of York

Hi, I'm a 2021 Laidlaw Scholar studying Economics and politics at University of York.  I'm from Somalia and spent most of my life there. I'm passionate about Leadership, looking forward to improving my leadership skills. 

My Research this summer is on how the sustainable Development Index correlates with other Economic measures such as Economic growth and Inequalities. 

Hobbies: Reading,adventure and trying out new outdoor sports. 

Would love to connect with everyone, so don't hesitate to say Hi . 

Reem ElKosseer

Student, University of Leeds

Aya Hammad

Medical student, University of York

I'm a medical student at the University of York interested in immunology, public health, as well as education and leadership within health care! My research project is about understanding how mutations in immune cells impact a certain group of rare bone marrow disorders (MPNs) that can lead to cancer.

Rebecca Bisset

Student, University of St Andrews


Law Student , Durham University


My name is Amnah & I'm a law student at Durham University. I'm very passionate about human rights & aspire to be make a positive impact on those in pursuit of justice. My research is aimed at discussing the legitimacy of the ECtHRs decision in upholding the veil ban. Throughout my high-school years, I have initiated and been a part of many women empowerment projects aimed at uplifting the socio-economic status of underprivileged women in Pakistan, this is something I plan on working in the future as well. Other than being a an ardent feminist & humanitarian, I really enjoy travelling, hiking & baking. I am always excited about meeting new people and nurturing meaningful relationships, while I have a very lame sense of humour, I still like to think myself as super fun because no one beats my unwavering love for people, commitment to good food, adventure & exploring the world that is still unknown to us.  

Phin Godfrey

Student, University College London

Rachel Yue

Student, HKU

I study Speech and Hearing Sciences at The University of Hong Kong.

My research is about developing online exercises to prevent dysphagia in at-risk older adults. 

Feel free to connect with me!

William Charles

Undergraduate, Laidlaw Scholar, University of York

Bryley Williams

Student, Columbia University

Hi! My name is Bryley (she/her), and I am a second-year student at Columbia University. I plan on majoring in History, and I am deeply interested in memory, religion, and the preservation and adaptation of culture. As a Laidlaw Scholar, I am researching Khmer Buddhist revival in post-genocide Cambodia, looking especially at how social, spiritual, and moral orders were and are intertwined in processes of reconstruction.

Molly Buxton-Allday

Student, University of Leeds

I am currently a first year studying Physics at the University of Leeds. My research intertwines my knowledge of physics, my love for fashion and my desire to implement sustainability. My self proposal involves investigating all cellulose composites as possible green composite materials to combat the textile waste produced at the hands of fast fashion.

Jakob Benjamin Reuschling

Student, University of Leeds

Incoming Penultimate Year Economics and Politics student at the University of Leeds, from near Stuttgart, Germany. My research project aims to create an effective mentoring approach that supports the development of self-esteem in shy children after their transition to secondary school.

I am part of a team of four scholars who are working together with Durham University to research what makes a successful Multi-Academy Trust serving disadvantaged communities. In particular, we are focusing on the Laidlaw Schools Trust, which comprises seven schools in the North of England that predominantly serve disadvantaged pupils. Overall, this is part of the effort to reduce the attainment gap between disadvantaged pupils and their more affluent peers.

I would love to talk about international politics, history, football and your all-time favourite Netflix shows!

Diyar Keyhanfar

Scholar, University of York

Penelope Milner

Student, University of Leeds

Katherine Fox

Sustainablity and Environmental Management Student , University of Leeds


Student , Durham University

Kimberley Guy

B/Sc Adult Nursing , University of Leeds

Mia Fulford

English and Art History Student, Undergraduate Research Scholar, University of Leeds

I am a member of the University of Leeds' 2021 Laidlaw Scholar Cohort. My self-defined project explores the representation of concurrent themes of nature and isolation in 20th century and contemporary literature. I study English and History of Art and have a love of all things books, art and the outdoors! I also run a zine that features contributions from young creatives across the UK. 

Please take a look at my blog which delves into my research project a bit deeper here: 

Asha Mior

Student Researcher, University of Toronto

Hi there! My name is Asha, and I am a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto, studying global health, political science, and psychology.  My Laidlaw research project is focused on determinants of COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy among minority populations in Canada, and potential approaches to vaccine outreach and education.  I'm always eager to chat about topics in global health, particularly those related to climate change and/or social epidemiology! 

Lucas Maughan

Pharmacy Student, Trinity College Dublin

Hi! My name's Lucas Maughan. I'm a 3rd year pharmacy student and School Convenor at Trinity College Dublin. I have an interest in all aspects of pharmacy with particular interest in clinical, psychological and regulatory aspects. My research investigates household medication waste practices and associated consumer awareness, attitudes and behaviours in Ireland.

Holly Ullyott

Research Scholar/Student, University of Leeds

Aspiring astrophysicist, intrepid traveller, loosely lingual

High in the sky with ambitions in conducting inspired research to help uncover cosmic mysteries, and launch something (me) to space. Will also travel the globe at a moment's notice.