Nikol Chen (she/her)

Digital Content Manager, Laidlaw Foundation
Bobbie Mills

Senior Researcher, Education Policy Institute

Gracie Daw

Student, N/A

I am a first year History and Politics student. My research project is titled 'How has devolution affected the UK's coronavirus response?' 

I will be trying to understand which factors change the public's perception of their government. I will do this by comparing the devolved administrations in the UK around a specific policy, which was broadly similar despite being devolved, and then understanding which factors affected a change in perception. 

Daniela Bultoc

Higher Education & Laidlaw Consultant , Laidlaw

Lorna Sealy

Laidlaw Scholarship Programme Administrator, University of Leeds

Kristen DSouza

Student Researcher, Cornell University

Hi! I am a sophomore at Cornell University studying industrial and labor relations and pursuing a minor in inequality studies. My research focuses on intercultural communication in the workplace, analyzing the communication styles of first-generation Indian-American business professionals. I've always been interested in capturing people's stories, and hope to translate that to an informed research report on today's multicultural business landscape. 

In my free time, I enjoy reading books (anything Toni Morrison or James Baldwin!) and trying in vain to accomplish a sub-20-second finish in the New York Times mini crossword. 

Mairead Maguire

Undergraduate Intern, Trinity College Dublin Disability Service

Chris Brown

Professor In Education, Durham University

Toni Andres

student, University of St Andrews

Pronouns: they/them

I am currently in my second year of an undergraduate degree in Classics/Comparative Literature at the University of St Andrews. In my research project Queer Catullus - The Power of Gender Impersonation in Creative Arts, I am particularly interested in how Gender and Feminist Studies can be applied to Classical Studies and transformed into accessible and valuable material for community projects with LGBTQ+ teenagers. Following my previous involvement with a project that looked at the impact that climate change had in the Late Bronze Age, I aim to give my studies an interdisciplinary spin. 

If these topics are something you are interested in, I am happy to connect via Social Media to geek out and chat!

Daniel Taylor

Student, University of Leeds

I am a first year student at the University of Leeds studying Civil and Environmental Engineering MEng.

Lucia Cathers

Student, University of St Andrews

I am a third-year History student at the University of St Andrews currently working on my self-defined research project as a Laidlaw Scholar. Passionate about how words shape the world, I have decided to examine great Irish speeches and literature in the period surrounding 1916. I am keen on making connections with other Laidlaw scholars to discuss leadership elements of the project, as well as with anyone looking at speech and language, conflict, concepts of nationalism and revolution, or Irish History.

Ailed Ortiz

Socio-Environmental Innovation Consultant, make_sense

Phoebe Cook

Student , Durham University

Hey everyone, I'm Phoebe ! 

I am an undergrad for Durham in the 2021 cohort. 

My field of research is sociology looking at access to higher education  programmes and widening participation. 

Barkha Batra

Student , University College London

I'm a first-year undergraduate from India, studying Law at University College London. My Laidlaw project, 'The Historical Contractual Incapacity of Married Women,' traces a number of common law decisions and social norms that restricted married women's capacity to contract in 18th-19th Century England. The paper explores the legal rules that operated when a feme covert tried to make contracts with suppliers of goods and services; the reasons behind these rules; and how they changed through statutory reform.

I look forward to the rest of the programme! 

Victor Gachoki Mwendia

Student, University of Leeds

Hi! I'm Victor Gachoki, an enthusiast in the world of innovative technology. I study Mechatronics and Robotics Engineering and I'm currently in my first year. I love to read, blog and play rugby. Being a Laidlaw Scholar means the world to me, and I can't wait to grasp every inch of experience through both the research and leadership program.

Melanie Marshall

Student, Cornell

Angel Rose Latt

Undergraduate Researcher, Columbia University

Hi there! My name is Angel (she/her/hers), and I'm first-year and a native New York City resident studying Neuroscience and Behavior. I'm passionate about all things STEM and medicine, and I hope to learn more through research over the next few years. When I'm not in the lab or having my nose stuck in a book, you can find me listening to music, volunteering, exploring the city, and baking too much!

Samraggi Hazra

Undergraduate Scholar, University of Toronto

Hi! My name is Samraggi Hazra, and I am a second-year undergraduate student at the University of Toronto. I am pursuing a double major in International Relations and Ethics, Society, and Law, as well as a minor in Political Science. 

Eleanor Campbell

Student, Columbia University

Hello! My name is Eleanor Campbell, and I am a first year Laidlaw Scholar. I am a student at Columbia University in the City of New York, but I am originally from Raleigh, NC, USA. I intend to major in Economics, and I am particularly interested in Behavioral Economics and the intersections between Economics, Neuroscience, and Psychology.

During the summer of 2021, I will be working with Professor Hitendra Wadhwa of the Columbia Business School in developing a leadership fellowship for aspiring young changemakers.

Krinal Thakkar

Cornell University Undergraduate student , Cornell University