Nikol Chen (she/her)

Marketing & Design, Laidlaw Foundation
Rhys Anil Madden

PhD Student, The London School of Economics

I completed the Laidlaw Programme in Summer 2016 while studying for a degree in Social Anthropology, looking at Bemba pottery in the University of St Andrews ethnographic collections. This led to an interest in material culture which I followed up on through an MA in the Arts of Africa Oceania and the Americas at the Sainsbury Research Unit (UEA), as well as a number of volunteer and paid museum positions. In September 2019 I began a PhD in Anthropology at the London School of Economics. My project is entitled 'Ambivalence, uncertainty and doubt: Exploring responses to oil and flooding in an ‘Indo-Guyanese’ rural coastal village', and will draw on ~18 months ethnographic fieldwork taking place from 2021-2023.
Sara Jasmine Rashid

Research Scholar, Miss

Ellen McGrady Hogan

Student , Trinity College Dublin

I am a final year student, studying Molecular Medicine in Trinity College Dublin.
Joelle Weir

Student, University of Toronto

Jessica Nicole Ramas Manuel

Head of Culture Team, Operations Officer, FiliFest

I am a graduate of (BA) History of Art with Material Studies from University College London. My long-term research interests are on Philippine Studies, with a particular focus on all aspects of Filipino art history, culture, heritage and identities. I am also keen on studying about Filipino diaspora studies. The Laidlaw Scholarship has provided me with an opportunity for me to re-discover and explore my own cultural heritage. For my independent research project I spent my time in the Philippines, where I travelled around Manila and Ilocos Norte to connect with cultural advocators, social enterprises and local weavers to explore the current developments and insights into the future of Philippine textiles. My experiences as a Laidlaw Scholar has therefore encouraged me to further pursue a career in researching about the development of contemporary art in the Philippines, the survival of the traditional arts as well, and perhaps set up a creative cultural enterprise of my own that seeks to support grassroot collectives. I also have experience some experience in art conservation, cataloguing and archiving, given my time volunteering for UCL Special Collections as well becoming a Conservation Assistant at the renowned Hamilton Kerr Institute. I am also part of a committee of like-minded students who has set a leading example in promoting the Filipino culture and identity across the UK, in the form of an annual Festival. As the former Chief Operations Officer of FiliFest, and the current Head of Culture Team and part of Operations Team - I have great experience in project management. My experiences as a first-generation Filipino in the UK, and as a BAME student in London’s international university - I acknowledge some of the privileges and inequalities that one can encounter throughout their university experience. I am glad to have pursued the Laidlaw Scholarship - it has opened a lot of doors for my own personal development: for it has allowed me to embrace my own culture and make representing it my passion, advocacy and ambition.
Yordan Tsanov

Direct Marketing Client Services at EuroFinance, Durham University

Hello, Laidlaw community. I am a Durham University BA graduate in Anthropology and Archaeology. I was interested in understanding colonial imperialism in the post-socialist space. As an anthropologist I decided to research in particular Russian and Soviet practices of social governance of non-Russian people, therefore I explored ethnographically the various understandings of the ethnic identity of the contemporary Cossacks.
Abijuru Antoinette

Student , University of Rwanda

I'm chemist undergraduate student from UR-CST .Currently, I am conducting a research on how humic acid can be extracted from compost materials which are disposed at landfills .Humic acid is known to be used as soil amendment in soil with low organic matter but also to improve both quality of soil and productivity from agriculture sector.
Janet Tokitsu

Student , University of Leeds

Molly Chung

Mathematics Student, University of St Andrews

I'm a Mathematics student at University of St Andrews. My research looks at twelve tone music from an abstract algebra perspective, with the hopes of gaining insight into the thoughts and compositional methods of various composers.
Trevor Hall

Student, Tufts University

I am a junior at Tufts University. Although my studies focus on biochemistry and the majority of my classes are in the science field, I also have interests in bridging barriers for low-income, first-generation students going into college. I am an EMT on the side; through this job, I continue to learn more about patient care and emergency medicine. In addition, I enjoy yoga, volleyball, and Brazilian culture. Hopefully, after COVID-19 calms down, I will get some experience working in a tissue engineering lab at the Tufts Medical Center in Boston.
Joshua Butcher

2020 Graduating Undergraduate; Incoming LLM Candidate in International Comercial Law at the University of Newcastle, University of York

I am a current Undergraduate Student studying Business and Management at the University of York. I am intrigued by strategic management, branding, management consultancy, and sustainable development. My Laidlaw research project investigated the visual communication of brand heritage in images of Champagne on Instagram supervised by Dr Fabien Pecot. I am excited to be pursuing an LLM in International Commercial Law at the University of Newcastle after graduating from my undergraduate study in 2020.
Reuben Morris-Dyer

Art History and Film Undergraduate, The University of St Andrews

Hello! I'm Reuben, an Art History and Film student researching 'The Sonic Body: Technology, Embodiment, Gender' with the University of St Andrews and Trinity College Dublin. I am also a student filmmaker and illustrator, and host 'The Theory of Everything Podcast' for StAR Radio.
Hi! I'm a second year History of Art (BA) student studying at UCL. I am interested in the expansive field of art and design, from architecture to software design! I follow too many podcasts, I always have a painting on the go, and I've recently been trying to visit as many online exhibitions as possible.
Yung-Hsuan Wu

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hi, I'm Yung-Hsuan from the beautiful Formosa Taiwan! I'm a political science student double majoring in economics, learning 3 languages (French, Stata, and R), and aiming to become an international politics analyst. Drop me an email anytime!
Maycon Santos

Research Assistant, Spatial Cognition Lab at Tufts University

Luke Andrews

Student , University of Leeds

I am a first year scholar and undergraduate student at the University of Leeds studying towards a BA in Politics and Sociology. My research aims to draw on the experiences of UoL students with a focal point on widening participation students in order to gain a deeper understanding of what inclusive learning spaces are and how they can be achieved. Outside of my research I really enjoy reading, cooking and baking, listening to music and spending time with my friends and family.
Lam Lok To Cherry

Student, The University of Hong Kong

Hi there! I am studying the Bachelor of Science in both Food & Nutritional Science and Molecular Biology & Biotechnology. Doing and learning from research are of interest to me for better understanding of the world and unprecedented benefits to humanity of all kinds. Feel free to exchange ideas with me!
Molly Gould

student, Tufts University

I am an undergraduate student at Tufts University pursuing a degree in International Relations and Civic Studies, with a concentration in culture and identity systems. One of my greatest passions is participating in social activism initiatives and finding productive and creative ways to combat pressing issues and work toward positive global change. Through my experience as a researcher, I have been able to explore how various socially-constructed systems of oppression and privilege interlock and affect one another to create concrete patterns that impact people’s lived experiences and shape their worldviews. Every day, I continue to learn more about how to be a productive activist and ally in my community, and I am always open to new experiences and challenges. I absolutely love working with people, and in my life, I hope to have the opportunity to continue learning more about the world and its inhabitants.
Emily Taketa

Research Assistant , Kibale Chimpanzee Project in Uganda

Fareeha Masood

Student, University College London