Year One Research Summary

Here I briefly summarize my research from year one of the Laidlaw program. I traveled to Mexico City to study the chemical dimensions of a ceramic decoration technique with unusual fluid dispersal properties.

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Nov 08, 2019
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Tahmeed Shafiq

Laidlaw Scholar , University of Toronto

I'm currently studying for an Honours BSc in Physics & Philosophy at the University of Toronto. My academic interests: nonlinear experimental physics (my area of research); physics of everyday phenomena; quantum physics; philosophy of human nature (emotions, love, friendship); ethical philosophy, 20th and 21st century continental philosophy. My professional interests: journalism, science communication, creative writing, law, social work. I'm an Associate Science Editor at U of T's tri-campus newspaper, the Varsity; also Editor-in-Chief for my college literary journal, and a genre fiction short story writer.

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