Suhasini Vira - Durham University Laidlaw Scholar

A short video about my experience as a Laidlaw Scholar.

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Oct 23, 2019
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Suhasini Vira

Economics and Politics (Joint Honours) Undergraduate, Durham University

Suhasini is a Durham University undergraduate studying Economics and Politics. She is a Laidlaw Scholar and her independent research on ‘Does formalisation lead to better employment outcomes for the youth in India’ explores the employment aspirations of India’s youth in an economic environment that is characterised by increasing job ‘precarity’. Her deep interest in employment-related issues continues with her work with the JustJobsNetwork, a think tank that focuses on finding strategies to create more and better employment worldwide. She has also co-authored the upcoming book ‘Why People Give’ (Sage Publications), which discusses the motivations that drive philanthropy. Suhasini has participated in the Aspen Initiative UK's NextGen Seminar on how the potential of artificial intelligence can be realised in an ethical manner. At Durham, she has been the International Students' Representative, St. Mary's College; Business and Economics Editor, The Bubble - Durham University's Online Magazine; Co-chief Editor, Durham University Economics Journal. She spends her free time sketching, dancing and binge-watching shows on Netflix.

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