Global Induction Session 2022

This Room contains all materials, announcements, and discussions related to the 2022 Global Induction Session which will take place on Wednesday June 8th at 2pm BST | 9am EDT | 9pm HKT.

Ask Lord Laidlaw anything 💭

Started 9 days ago

Hello everyone, looking forward to seeing you at the Global Induction Session in June :)

If you're hoping to learn more about Lord Laidlaw, this is your unique chance! We will be conducting a live Q&A session at the GIS. Please post any questions in this thread before May 13th and make sure you're registered for the event.

What trait do you prize most in a scholar and why? What are some of your counterarguments when people disagree with you and argue in favour of other traits?

Hi all, for inspiration, here are a few of the questions that we asked Lord Laidlaw last year:

  • When creating the Laidlaw programme, why was it important for you to partner with universities all over the world and how does the international nature of the programme strengthen it?
  • Leadership is an essential part of the programme. Could you share something that you found challenging about being a leader and what you learnt from it?
  • You’ve spoken about the importance of ethical leadership before. How can ethical leadership persist in a world where taking shortcuts is so common and necessity forces people to work with unethical leaders?

If you're feeling shy, you're also welcome to submit your question for Lord Laidlaw privately/anonymously here: ASK A QUESTION.

See you soon!

As a Lord, you probably have a lot of important duties: what are your best time management tips?

What is your advice for incoming scholars to grow more confident in their research abilities and experience?

And what is your overall advice/encouragement for scholars to make the most out of the program?

What is your advice on utilizing networks and connections for real life opportunities for your career?

How did you approach past connections for opportunities that interested you?