Global Induction Session 2021

Global Induction Session 2021

This Room contains all materials, announcements, and discussions related to the 2021 Global Induction Session which will take place on Wednesday June 9th at 3pm BST | 10am EDT | 10pm HKT.

Introduce yourself here! 🙌

Started over 2 years ago

Hi all,

Let's get to know each other better ahead of the Global Induction Session! Please introduce yourself to the global Laidlaw community in this thread. 

Here is a template you can use to tell everyone a bit about yourself:


My name is: ______ (*pronouns*)

I study _______ [course/major] at ________ [university]

My research is about: ______

I chose this research topic because: _______

I am from: ______

When I'm not studying/working, I like to: ________

One thing about me that surprises people: ________

Ask me about: _________  

I'd love to connect with someone who: __________

If you are an alum or completed your first summer last year - share some advice! What do you wish you knew before starting? What is the most valuable thing you learnt from your experience? 

I'm excited to meet you all and hear your stories! 

I'll start! 

My name is: Nikol (she/her)

I am from: Almaty, Kazakhstan

When I’m not studying/working, I like to: take long walks and listen to podcasts 🎧 Favourite shows include: Design Matters, Reply All, Rev Left Radio. 

One thing about me that surprises people: I used to swim professionally 🏊‍♀️

Ask me about: the Laidlaw Scholars Network, design, anthropology, the faraway unfamiliar land of Kazakhstan :) 

I’d love to connect with someone who: is a Laidlaw Scholar! 

Thanks Nikol! I'll kick it off :)

Hey everyone! I'm Brandon (he/him). I am studying human biology at the University of Toronto all the way in Canada 🇨🇦, but my main research interests are in the fields of immunology, particularly autoimmunity.

I'm a 2020 Laidlaw Scholar but because of COVID, I'll actually be doing both my research and leadership terms this summer. My research is on the effects of multiaffinity antibodies as a tumour therapeutic, which has downstream applications for both cancer immunotherapies and autoimmunity. This was really built on my personal battles with autoimmune disorders, which has really instilled this deep passion for this field.

I love building things that help people, whether that be through videos, my NPO/community, or just through everyday conversation. You can find me tinkering away at that, or playing basketball when I'm away from my desk.

Probably the most important part of this message:
Being in Laidlaw for the past year, I've really found this to be a great place to connect and meet with INCREDIBLE leaders and students around the world. My advice would just be to simply take advantage of every opportunity you have here. Connect with as many people as you can, build things together, and always seek growth within this great group of people.

Feel free to drop me a line if you'd want to get in touch! You can also stay in touch with me on Twitter – always open to helping everyone out or connecting with you!

Hi everyone!
And thanks for the template, Nikol ☺️.
My name is Natalia and I'm from the 2021 cohort. I study natural sciences at the University of Leeds. My research project is about the organisation of muscle cells in a condition called dilated cardiomyopathy. I chose this research topic because of its potential to help people who need heart transplants, as well as my interest in cytoskeleton dynamics, Affimers, confocal microscopy, and other fascinating research techniques. 
I am from Estonia, and when I’m not studying, I like exploring local forests and beaches with my friends – the country is quite small for us to travel across, yet still discover new places along the way!
One thing about me that surprises people is that I have only watched one Harry Potter movie… but the rest of them are on my “to-watch” list!
I look forward to connecting with Laidlaw scholars from all over the world, so do get in touch with me to discuss anything from medicine to language exchange! 

Hello friends! 

My name is Fatima Formuli (she/her) and I study Mental Health Studies Co-op at the University of Toronto (go Canada!).

Quick facts about me:

👶I'm in the 2021 cohort!

My project:

📚This summer, I'm looking forward to researching how to make mental health services more accessible and inclusive of Canadian Muslims (who are a minority here in Canada). Through my course work, I learned that a lot of the therapies and methods used in psychology are not very inclusive of non-W.E.I.R.D populations, so people from different religious backgrounds for instance don't benefit from therapies in the same way as other participants. I'm specifically interested in doing preliminary research to learn about things that were successful in increasing help-seeking behaviour among other minority groups with the hopes that this can be applied to Muslims (my logic is that if it worked for similar groups other than Muslims, then maybe it can be used among the Muslim community as well). Of course, this is a huge project to take on, so I will mostly be doing preliminary research this summer on my topic.

❓I first realized how inefficient mental health services were in serving Muslims back in high school, when I organized an interfaith event to speak on the topic of mental health. Since then, I've realized that there is a lot to improve when it comes to mental health services and so I hope that my research will pave the way for a more accessible future (I will probably continue my project in some capacity after Laidlaw)! 

Enough about my project, who am I as a person?

🥰Well, first off I'm a Gryffindor. Secondly, I'm a human lover because I love working with diverse groups of people and learning from their experiences. This has led me to volunteer and work in many different areas and meeting a bunch of cool people. One thing that I've been working on during this pandemic is becoming better at networking and being more confident in asking questions. I'm having some success with that and I hope to keep working on it!

With that in mind, if you want to help me work on my networking skills (please do), talk about any of my experiences, or chill with me I'd be happy to have a chat (you can DM me here or shoot me a Twitter or LinkedIn message)!

Looking forward to meeting some of the other scholars at other events this summer

Hi Everyone!

My name is Imogen (she/her), I have just joined the 2021 cohort! I'm currently studying and working towards completing an Msci in Psychology with a specific focus on Clinical Psychology at the University of York. My research project is about how people judge the veracity of accounts given by young people with Developmental Language Disorder compared to their neurotypical counterparts. I chose this topic because I have had first hand experience helping a close family member deal with language difficulties and this really ignited my interest in the subject. In addition to this, based upon preliminary background research I believe research into this topic may be especially useful in helping to change and adapt the Criminal Justice System to better accommodate those with Language difficulties and make the system fairer when dealing with a population group such as those with Developmental Language disorder.

I am from the UK, specifically near York! When I'm not studying, I work part-time at a popular restaurant and I am the treasurer of the Psychology Society, alongside being a full-time carer and university volunteer. Outside of all that I enjoy going out and visiting new places (I want to travel as much of the world as possible!) and spending time with friends!

One thing about me that surprises people is that my long-term goal for when I finish my current degree is to apply to study Medicine! So anyone with any knowledge on this area or the process please feel free to drop me a DM it would be much appreciated(even if it's just to chat about anything medically related, I'd love to learn more before I apply to do the subject:) ).

I look forward to connecting with LaidLaw Scholars and Leaders from around the world. I'd love to chat about anything, I'm always up for learning new things, gaining experience and meeting new people! So, feel free to DM me on here or LinkedIn!  

Hiya! My name is: Ellen (she/her)

I study psychology at the University of York, specialising in a developmental disorders MSCi

My research is about the development of joint attention in infants cross culturally and how the influence of maternal strategies in developing joint attention helps joint attention to develop in infants! I will be looking at infants from Uganda and the UK!

I chose this research topic because I am really hoping to pursue a career in developmental psychology (hopefully research based) and joint attention is such an important predictor of later child development and communication, the more we can find out about it the more we can help raise awareness of the benefits of helping children to engage in joint attention.

I am from: Huddersfield, England originally but I am now based in York, England.

When I'm not studying/working, I like to: read (I am part of an amazing reading society at the uni) and go out with my friends! I am also currently volunteering with some research projects doing some behavioral coding and I work in the kitchen at one of the uni bars!

One thing about me that surprises people I am really tiny! (only 4ft10!) its the one thing people say to me when they meet me for the first time!

Ask me about: im happy to talk about anything! whether its developmental psych based or cats!

I'd love to connect with someone who also shares a passion for research, particularly someone who has already completed their research project to find out more about the research experience as, I am really interested in pursing a PHD in the future!

Hi everyone! 

I am Inkindi! (she/her)

I am currently a third-year student at the University of Rwanda. I am studying Electronics and Telecommunications Engineering; from the 2019 cohort.

My research is about cell phone detecting system as a way to help students and kids focus on their studies. I chose this research topic because I am always concerned about the distractions that come once we are studying and thought of an idea that could help in minimizing them which includes developing a system that could help in detecting cellphones. 

I am from Kigali, Rwanda. Well, when I am not studying/working, I like to read articles online.

One thing about me that surprises people: I played karate.

If I can give advice, it would be to enjoy your time as a Laidlaw scholar and to make the most out of it. Using this platform, connect to fellow scholars, take some time and read a little about their research, learn from their leadership journeys. This will help you in your everyday life and challenge you to leave your comfort zone.

I'd love to connect with all of you:) Laidlaw scholars!

Hey! My name is: Charlie (she/her)

I study Psychology at Durham University and am in the 2021 cohort!

My research is about: Investigating whether body dysmorphic traits translate to deficits in body emotion recognition.

I chose this research topic because: Mental Health is a topic I care deeply about, and believe there is so much more research needed in the mental health sector so that we have a better understanding of how to treat mental illnesses, and give suffers a better quality of life. Research has shown those with body dysmorphia suffer from difficulties with facial emotion recognition and so I aim to extend that research further into body emotion recognition.

I am from: Durham, UK.

When I'm not studying/working, I like to: Go climbing at my local climbing centre.

One thing about me that surprises people: I used to be captain of the Welsh national junior curling team as a teenager.

Ask me about: Mental health awareness!

I'd love to connect with someone who: Shares a passion for improving attitudes towards those living with mental illness.

Hi everyone, it's a pleasure to meet you all! My name is Jenny Liu (she/her), and I am currently a rising third-year student and 2021 Laidlaw Scholar at the University of Toronto, where I'm double majoring in Molecular Genetics & Microbiology and Immunology as well as minoring in Creative Expression & Society. Though I was born in Ontario, Canada, I was raised in New York, US! 

Having interned in a neurology lab as a high school student, I developed an interest in proprioceptor development. As such, my current research focuses on the elucidation of the regulatory mechanisms of Runt-related transcription factor 3 within the context of early proprioceptor development. With this project, I hope to contribute to neurogenesis studies as well as potentially inform modelling peripheral neuropathies and ataxias. 

Outside of studying and working, I volunteer as a grant writer at a Toronto-based charity, listen to alternative rock and K-R&B, and read/write poetry (I love Eileen Myles and Ocean Vuong!). One thing that surprises people is that I (try my best to) skateboard! 

Ask me about: sensory neuron development, grant writing, or anything else -- I'd love to connect with other Laidlaw Scholars passionate about their research and hobbies. 

I look forward to seeing everyone at the Global Induction Session soon! 

Hey everyone ! I'm Phoebe (she/her) 

I am a first year at Durham studying Anthropology and Sociology 

I am in the 2021 cohort and can't wait to get started ! 

My research focus will look at widening participation for students who get into university using access to higher education programmes, I am going to look particularly at what the impact of Covid 19 has been on this. 

I choose this research topic because I know first hand what it is like coming to university from a working class background and using an access to higher education programme. Therefore, I want to use my research to help those who are in the same position as I was a couple of years ago. 

I am from County Durham in England, so didn't really move that far for uni 😂

When i'm not studying I enjoy reading, because you've got to love the young adult section in Waterstones! I'm a huge Harry Potter fan and love watching TV shows and musicals. 

One thing that surprises people about me is that i've never tried avocado, but I will eventually ! 

Ask me about access to higher education programmes. 

I'd love to connect with all of you, looking forward to networking with you all !  

Hi everyone!! My name is Cherry (she/her) and I'm in my first year studying chemistry at the University of York. 

My research project focuses on whether cascade ring expansion reactions can be used to make macrocycles, which have the potential to be used in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical research as new treatments for various diseases. I chose this topic because I love organic chemistry and the thought of undertaking a project of my own is so exciting, especially knowing that it has the potential to make a substantial impact. 

I am from Hebden Bridge in the UK but living in York for uni :)

When I'm not studying I love to train with my university triathlon club, practice french, play guitar and do yoga. I also love going out with friends and trying out new activities. One thing about me that surprises people is that I used to do pole dancing.

Ask me about anything! One of the reasons I applied to be a Laidlaw scholar was the chance to meet like-minded people so I'd be grateful for any opportunity to connect with you all :)

Hi Everyone!!

My name is Mindy Duggan and I study Child Study and Human Development (with a concentration in Developmental Diversity and Deaf Studies) at Tufts University in the US.

My research is about autism representation in the television show, The Good Doctor (which, for anyone not in the US, is a popular show here that depicts a character who is an autistic surgeon and the actor who plays this character is not autistic himself which caused much controversy). I will be asking for participants to watch the first seven episodes of the show and complete a survey before and after about their thoughts and perceptions of the autism diagnosis to see what messages about autism viewers are getting from their viewing of the show.

I chose this research topic 1) because I love the show with a passion even though I acknowledge it may not be the best representation of autism and 2) I have been working with autistic children and individuals for many years and hope that my future career will be working with autistic individuals in some capacity. 

I was born and have always lived in a town in Massachusetts in the United States.

When I am not studying/working I like to go camping and hiking, play Sudoku, watch television (hence my research project on a television show), and spend time volunteering with kids with disabilities.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I have donated my hair 4 times in my lifetime. I am too indecisive to decide on a hair length that I like, so ever since my mom stopped having control over my haircuts, I have been letting it grow out long enough to donate while keeping my hair at shoulder length afterward and donating it. My hair is quite long right now so I plan to donate at the beginning of the next school year :) Anyone looking for a way to donate hair (even only 1-3 inches) feel free to reach out! I have a few favorite organizations :)

I'd love to connect with someone who shares an interest in Child Study and Human Development, volunteering, or working with kids with disabilities.

I'm SOOO excited to meet you all soon and hopefully start connecting <3 

My name is: Daniel

I study Civil Engineering at the University of Leeds.

My research is about: The decarbonisation of the University of Leeds campus.

I chose this research topic because: I am interested in sustainability, and see it as a potential career path for myself.

I am from: The UK

When I'm not studying/working, I like to: Relax and watch anime.

One thing about me that surprises people: I care about the environment.

Ask me about: Sustainability

I'd love to connect with someone who: Shares similar interests.

Hi everyone! It's great to meet all of you!

My name is Rizwan and I use he series pronouns. I study Math and Economics at Columbia University.

My research is about Chinese trade policy, analyzed through the lens of bilateral and multilateral disputes. So far, I've looked at over 700 legal cases to look for trends in policy amongst China and other major economies to address the frequent allegation made against China for supposed market manipulation and noncompliance.

I chose this research topic because it was really intriguing to counter the status quo of the global understanding of China's economy. With this project, I hope to start off research that directly addresses the many failures of economics.

I've lived in New York City my entire life.

When I'm not studying/working, I love to read and play chess (although I'm terrible).

One thing about me that surprises people: I hate avocado (but not guac so much?).

Ask me about anything, from literature and politics to math and physics.

I'd love to connect with all of you! I love the interdisciplinarity of our group and I hope to learn a lot from all of you.

Hello everyone, I'm Rachel Yue (she/her).

I study Speech and Hearing Sciences at The University of Hong Kong.

My research is about developing online exercises which prevent dysphagia in at-risk older adults. I chose this research topic as I hope to set up an NGO providing soft meals for those with dysphagia. I believe I could dig deeper into dysphagia through this opportunity which helps with my career. 

I am from Hong Kong

When I'm not studying/working, I like to volunteer, working on children rights and environmental issues.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I hate eating egg and chicken. I don't know why but I believe this is my childhood trauma.

As I'm really enthusiastic about volunteering, so feel free to ask me about volunteering. But anyway, feel free to chat with me about any issues.

I'd love to connect with someone who? Every one of you here.

Hi everyone, really nice to meet you all! My name is Hannah (she/her) and I am currently in first year studying Politics with International Relations at the University of York in the UK.

I am a Laidlaw Scholar from the 2021 Cohort, and my research is focused on the U.K. Labour Party, specifically their social policy and discourses towards welfare politics and poverty. The project will cover the three most recent leaders of the Labour Party (Ed Miliband, Jeremy Corbyn and Keir Starmer) and will assess if there has been a major shift in party approach to welfare policy. 

I chose this research project for a number of reasons, one of which being my personal interest in the direction of the Labour Party as a member. I also feel that this project is more relevant now than ever, as the Labour Party position itself as a party suitable for government, a deep understanding of its position on the welfare state would be of benefit to members and the electorate alike. Particularly after COVID-19 and the impact this has had on poverty in the U.K, this project also has a compassionate angle as I evaluate if there is a plan in place to improve the livelihoods of many if the Labour Party is elected. 

Originally, I am from Leeds (so not actually that far away from York!) but also have family in California, USA. When I'm not studying, I really enjoy traveling (pre-covid!) reading and creative writing when I have the chance, but I am also active in local, grassroots campaigning in my area, particularly around local and national elections. While at University, I have really enjoyed meeting new people and exploring York, and in my free time I often try to find a new cafe or something I haven't seen before! 

A fact that usually surprises people about me is my age... I am twenty but due to only being 5 ft 1, I often get mistaken for someone a lot younger, and once when out with a friend it was assumed that I was her daughter...

In terms of connecting with people, I would love to connect with everyone and anyone going through Scholarship at the same time so we can make friends and get the most out of this experience! Regardless of your area of research or study, if you feel like connecting just drop me a message and I'd love to have a chat :)

Hi everyone! I’m Andrew (he/him), and I’m studying Archaeology at the University of York in the UK.

My research takes a digital and landscape approach to the archaeology of my case study, the Mid-Cheshire ridge, to analyse the changing nature of the view over approximately the last 3,000 years. I’m particularly looking forward to producing this research for its potentially important outcomes for the local and wider heritage sector, which is recovering from the impact of the pandemic, and also to fulfil several very interesting current research aims. I will hopefully also demonstrate the potential insights available from the method, and the relevancy of this sort of study to heritage practice. I know the landscape’s archaeology well from voluntary work, and I want to continue with these approaches to archaeology in the future, so the topic is also very relevant to me personally.

I’m from Cheshire in the UK. When I’m not studying or working, I volunteer for a couple of charities. I’m often to be found hiking, and occasionally playing musical instruments, too. One thing about me that might surprise people is that I once correctly guessed the weight of a tapir and won a zookeeper for the day competition.

Ask me about anything generally, or archaeology specifically. I’m looking forward to connecting with scholars with a wide variety of interests (i.e. everyone), so feel free to message me on here!

Hi everyone! My name is Pia Tiwari (she/her) and I study International Relations and Social Anthropology at St Andrews in Scotland.

My research is about English-language voluntourism in East Africa i.e. when (often unqualified) foreigners travel to the region to teach English in schools for a short length of time. I chose this research because in high school, I was one of these people, and I have sine realized how harmful this practice can be. Consequently, I hope to interview people and create research that centres black and/or African voices and presents a counter-narrative to the colonial ideas of development that often justify English-language voluntourism.

I am originally from India, but have moved across various countries growing up, and am currently based in Singapore. In my free time, I enjoy learning languages, travelling (before the pandemic, of course) cooking, and spending an excess of time watching TV shows!

One thing about me that surprises people is that I am an introvert! My pink hair and rather dramatic appearance often leads people to believe that I like to be the centre of attention, when really, I prefer staying in and enjoying the company of the people to whom I am close :)

Ask me about my research, anything to do with (post)colonialism and decoloniality, growing up as a TCK, or anything else you like! I'd love to connect with all of you :)

Hi Everyone,

I'm Susanna (she/her). I am the CEO of the Laidlaw Foundation.

I was born in Burlington, Vermont USA. I lived in Germany and Greece as a small child. All my education was in the UK. I read Philosophy and English at Cambridge. My dissertation was on the Writings of the American Revolution.

I now live in London. Pre-Covid I spent a lot of time on trains and planes visiting the schools and universities in the various Laidlaw Foundation programmes; as well as my friends and family who live all over the world. 

In addition to running the Laidlaw Foundation, I am the Chair of the Laidlaw Schools Trust and of a business intelligence company called B2B Marketing. I am also on the Boards of Zapnito (a SaaS community intelligence platform business) and the Fashion Retail Academy. 

I love to swim, particularly outdoors - especially in lakes. And thanks to this thread have just discovered that Nikol used to swim professionally which feels like some strangely fabulous cosmic synchronicity! I also used to do synchronised swimming but that was a very long time ago. 

Ask me about anything to do with the Scholarship programme, the Foundation and being an ethical leader. 

I am looking forward to seeing you all at the Global Induction on Wednesday and introducing you to Lord Laidlaw. If there is anything you would like me to be sure to cover, reply to this and let me know.

Hi everyone 😋

My name is Sophia Tierney (she/her) and I’m studying psychology at Trinity College Dublin.

My research is about how the closure of Special Needs Education (SNE) schools in Ireland has impacted children with special needs at both a social and cognitive level.

I chose this research topic because I have always been particularly interested in child development, and the first thing I found myself wondering when the SNE schools were closed was how these children, and their families, will adapt to the changes. SNE schools provide so much more than education, with rehabilitation and psychological therapies widely available. When the SNE schools closed, children and their families lost that support network and very little was done by governing bodies to aid in this drastic change. With that, I hope to bring my research to the education minister and special education minister in Ireland to highlight the social and cognitive implications the closure of SNE schools has had on children with special needs so that further supports can be developed and made available for these children and their families.

I am from Dublin, Ireland ☘️

When I'm not studying/working, I like to cook and run!! 

One thing about me that surprises people is that I went to high school in Hong Kong.

Ask me about anything generally, or specific to SNE in Ireland and child development!

I’d love to hear about your research too, and I’m so excited to meet you all and learn about your topics :)!!

Hi, my name is Victoria (she/her)


I study LLB Law at the University of Leeds, with hopes to move to London and become a commercial solicitor.


My research is about the experiences of Autistic girls in secondary schools. I have chosen this research project as I have a personal connection and an interest in the way learning difficulties are perceived and identified in schools.


I am from Hartlepool in the North East of England and when I am not studying I work part-time in a leisure centre as a lifeguard. I also spend a lot of my time swimming and running.


One thing that surprises people about me is that between the ages of 8-11 I used to play competitive chess. And at age 11 played Nigel Short (one of the best English chess players in history) at an event in the Houses of Parliament.


Ask me about: How and why the law regarding Duress as a defence to murder should be reformed in England and Wales.


I’d love to connect with someone from London, who could give me an insight into what it’s like to live in the city centre, before I decide whether moving there is the right thing for me :)

Hello! I'm Eva (she/her), a first year history student studying at Durham University. My main interests lie in uncovering often overlooked narratives within minority histories.

My research will focus on the concept of race in the medieval period through the lens of the Hereford World map. ​​​​​​​Did Europe's Latin Christians view themselves as one homogeneous race? How did they view those of opposing or 'hybrid' cultural standpoints? What has been the modern legacy of these medieval ideas?  I intend to explore the dynamism of medieval interactions between Latin Christendom and the often conflicting socio-cultural standpoints of the wider world, through an analysis of the 13th century Hereford World map's iconography.

I chose this topic because the recent global surge in public condemnation of institutionalised and individual racism, highlighted in the Black Lives Matter movement, clearly demonstrates the prevalence and polarising nature of race in the modern day. Therefore, I really wanted to explore medieval attitudes towards race in a period of increased global awareness.

When I'm not studying, I enjoy volunteering, dancing and watching too much Death in Paradise!

I am from Gloucestershire, England and during Lockdown, people were often surprised by the extraordinary amount of bunting I managed to sew!!

Ask me about: Dancing, swimming or anything related to medieval history.

I’d love to connect with anyone interested in medieval history or in the 2021 cohort! : ) 

My name is: Molly Seaborn *she/her*

I study Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds.

My research is about advancing topographical design of microparticles for disease modelling applications specifically in bone cancer and tissue regeneration. I chose this research topic because I have an interest in healthcare applications and the use of stem cells in various areas of biological sciences.

I am from Redditch (which is near Birmingham) which is known for needling forging and roundabouts!

When I'm not studying/working, I like to spend time with my family and go explore new places (when I can safely!) and working to improve Young People's input in their healthcare and research in my area. One thing about me that surprises people is that I love rock music.

Ask me about bioengineering and public and patient involvement in research. 

I'd love to connect with someone who is interested in IVF/embryology as this is an area I would be so excited to learn more about and to pursue a career in.

Hi, my name is Tasuku Azuma (he/him)

I'm studying Biological Sciences at the University of Leeds.

About my project

My research is about improving the method of measuring plastic degradation by enzymes.

To be more specific, it's about optimising the assay methodology for quantifying PET degradation by PETase.

I was originally interested in the plastic-degrading microbe, because it was first discovered in the plastic landfill in the city I used to live in.

After doing some more reading, I came up with this project to help speed up the research in this area.

I'm not quite sure how this will turn out, so I'd love to hear any advices from anyone doing biology or chemistry-related projects!

About myself

I was born and lived most of my life in Japan.

When I'm not studying/working, I like to binge-watch anime/drama, play piano or viola, or jog around the city.

One thing about me that might surprise people is that I also used to live in London and Fiji for a few years.

Ask me about plastic & food waste issues, weird Japanese foods, or classical music pieces.

I'd love to connect with everyone, share and discuss issues from different subjects and countries :)

Especially if you're doing biology-related project or passionate about any of these issues and interests, feel free to drop me a message!

Hi! My name's Reem (she/her), I'm a first year at the University of Leeds studying Business Management with Marketing. I'm very interested in work around mental health and ethnically minoritized communities coming from an African background myself and found that my research topic was one I can connect with due to its focus around BAME students. My research is focused around the experiences of ethnically minoritized students in university and how these experiences are related to the educational journey. This research will be used to create different mind maps linking themes discussed to the student experience in order to address these issues.  

I work at Asda on the weekends and during weekdays, now that exams are over, I like to go out with friends, go on long walks in the surrounding parks and have a nice cup of coffee at my local coffee shop every now and then! I like knitting in my spare time and usually donate them or gift them to my loved ones, and I love cooking and baking for others and would say it usually goes well :)! If anyone would like any photos of that pop over a message, I have a whole album of meals I've cooked, can also throw in a photo of my dog in there! Would love to meet new people.

In the future, I'd like to become a teacher or do something that makes a difference in people's lives, whether that be management consulting, teaching, working for a non-profit but something that directly helps the community. If anyone within the network has any experiences within those areas I'd love to hear them! I am currently doing volunteering for mental health organisations and hope to be involved in the housing or children's sexual health education volunteering at uni next year!

I'd love to discuss my work with anyone doing similar research or is interested in my area of work and would like to their share experiences in the network, I am very excited to be apart of this community and hope to make lasting friendships :) 

Hey everyone - Dia daoibh!

My name is Sarah (she/her) and I study Theoretical Physics at Trinity College Dublin. My research project is about lattice stretching and depletion of electrons - I will be simulating several metals on a software called VASP, changing different aspects of their quantum properties with the ultimate aim of making the metals more magnetic. I chose this research topic because I'd really like to learn more about how physics works on the nanoscale, and how we can tailor materials on this level to give them certain properties to suit particular purposes - for example, if the metals in my project can be made more magnetic then they could be used to create longer-lasting and stronger computer hard drives. My research is also related to the field of quantum computing and quantum semiconductors - an area I'm particularly interested in!

I am from Dublin in Ireland 🇮🇪, and in my free time I love to listen to and play music (I play the violin and the piano, and currently I'm trying to get better at the guitar), read, draw, and hang out with my friends. I am currently the Auditor of the Physics Society in TCD, and I really enjoy organising society events and talks.

I'd love to connect with fellow Laidlaw scholars from all around the world - when I was in secondary school I attended Euroscola in the European Parliament in Strasbourg and made great friends from different countries, many of whom I'm still in contact with today. I love hearing about what life is like in different countries, and it would be great to talk about what research is like in other universities around the world.

Can't wait to meet you all tomorrow!:)

Hi everyone! My name is Eleanor Campbell, and I'm a rising sophomore at Columbia University studying Economics in Columbia College. I'm also interested in neuroscience, medicine, behavior, and history, though, so I'm always happy to talk about those topics, as well!

This year, my research focuses on designing a curriculum for teaching leadership to undergraduate students. I got interested in the topic because the school I attended K-12 did a lot of leadership training and practice, and I found it very valuable. I love how Laidlaw emphasizes ethical leadership, and I hope to help bring similar leadership training to other students. 

At home in Raleigh, NC, I like to visit with my family and friends, walk my dog, bake, read, and exercise. I've danced classical ballet since I was 3, but recently I've been enjoying other activities, too, such as hiking, running, and golf. I love to travel, and I'm excited to do so as things open up!

I'd love to meet some new friends from around the globe, so feel free to reach out!

Hi everyone!

My name is Amena (she/her) and I study Microbiology at the University of Leeds. My research project is about identifying global capstones and looking at the UN's sustainable development goals in order to produce materials to help decrease educational inequality. This project is very different to what I'm studying, content wise but I chose it in order to be able to broaden my skills, and since I'm interested in global matters.

I'm from a town in the UK called Peterborough, and in my free time I enjoy travelling to other cities, meeting new people, watching a lot of different TV anything from anime to Bollywood films! A fact about me that surprises some people is that I have 7 siblings!

I would love to connect with any scholars all around the world, whether its to discuss projects or just make new friends, chill or vibe :)!! Feel free to message me on here!

Hey everyone! My name is Joe Linogao (he/him), and I am currently finishing up my 3rd year in Engineering with Management at Trinity College Dublin! My research is about finding a new way to automate the procedure of counting bacteria colonies on contact plates. I'll be investigating if new image processing methods, such as deep learning, are viable options for automation. I chose this topic since I've always wanted to learn more about deep learning, and figure out its application in a real-world setting. Why bacteria colonies though? Both my parents work in the hospital, and I thought it would be fitting to tailor my research towards something that could directly benefit them (as my way of giving my thanks for their support)!

I was born and raised in the Philippines until the age of three when my family moved to the UK, and eventually settled in Ireland. I've been living here for the majority of my life and it's safe to safe that I have been enjoying it (although I do wish to visit the Philippines again after the pandemic)! Funnily enough, the thing that surprises most people is how neutral my accent is. I don't know how it happened, but I never really developed an Irish nor a Filipino accent. So there's that I suppose.

When I'm not studying, I'm usually 3D printing miniatures for Dungeons and Dragons, or creating music for my Youtube/Spotify by the name "Joece" (shameless plug I know). Also, I'm into a wide range of video games such as Valorant on PC, or Super Smash Bros on the switch. 

Honestly, I'd love to connect with people who are down to chill in a Discord server, play some games, and talk about life. I always love meeting new people, even if my "introverted" lifestyle says otherwise!

Can't wait to meet you all tomorrow (also, if anyone is a violinist and would like to make some lofi hip hop, please hit me up)! <3

Hi everyone! I am Hillary (she/her) and I just finished my second year at The University of Hong Kong majoring in Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Chemistry. My research aims to create a compound that specifically targets a cancer-related protein, and to investigate its mechanism and efficacy. I chose this topic because I really enjoy conducting wet lab experiments and I get to combine my interest in Biomedical Sciences and Chemistry, as well as potentially make an impact in targeted cancer drug development. 

I was born and raised in Hong Kong, so I got to meet people from many different backgrounds! In my free time, I enjoy watching Netflix (like many others) and a few of my favourite TV shows are: Grey's Anatomy, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, and The Office! I also like listening to music and scrolling through social media in my spare time. 

I'd love to meet new people from different background and interest, to discuss academic topics or the complete opposite! Also, I am trying to learn Dutch, so if anyone knows the language please message me!

Hope to meet everyone soon!

My name is: Jakob (he/ him)

I study: Economics and Politics at the University of Leeds

My research is about: Helping the Laidlaw Schools Trust to improve its academies which support a high proportion of disadvantaged pupils

I chose this research topic because: I am extremely interested in exploring the endless teaching methods and changing the way education works. By doing so, I would like to help spread the mission of creating more equality of opportunity for people from all backgrounds.

I am from: Near Stuttgart, Germany

When I'm not studying/working, I like to: Meet interesting people, try new food and think about my year abroad after Covid

One thing about me that surprises people: I am learning Mandarin Chinese

DON'T Ask me about: Whether I can speak Chinese

I'd love to connect with someone who: Can give me tips about where to study abroad in Asia (or has literally any recommendations where to go for good food anywhere)

Hi everyone, my name is Gracie (she/her). I am currently a first year History and Politics student at the University of York. My research is titled 'How has devolution affected the UK's coronavirus response?' and I will be looking specifically at the communication strategies of the various administrations in the UK. 

I am from near London in the UK and when I am not studying I enjoy dancing (ballet mainly) and I am currently trying to learn some new styles. I learnt tap in my first year and next year I would like to try some ballroom and latin! 

Hi everyone, lovely to meet you all!

My name is Mary (she/her) and I'm currently a 2nd year Natural Sciences student specialising in neuroscience at University of York; I currently study chemistry, biology and psychology modules in the hopes of integrating them during research!

I'm an undergraduate scholar in the 2021 cohort, and my research is focussed on uncovering which regions of the brain are involved in the mechanisms of working memory. I chose this research topic as I thoroughly enjoy learning about memory; the way information can be encoded and stored in our brains is fascinating to me! 

I'm originally from Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk, UK. When in Suffolk I love going on long dog walks and really just spending as much time outside as possible! I'm really into music and have taught myself electric guitar over the past 5 years, and I'm also a huge foodie and love to cook and try new dishes!

I'd love to connect with anybody interested in neuroscience, mental health or interdisciplinary research.

I'm looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow! 

Hi everybody!

My name is Yusra (She/Her)! I am from Kuwait, and I study Psychology with a double minor in Environment & Behaviour and English at the University of Toronto! My research centres on examining the components that make for a 'positive' university experience, and the impact of current educational and institutional structures on student mental health. I chose this research topic because I am super passionate about mental health and EDI initiatives, and also because I am deeply invested in the intersections of Positive Psychology and Organisational Behaviour! When I'm not studying or researching, you can find me staffing Model UN conferences, or hosting philanthropy events! I also love reading, trying new restaurants, reviewing fun gelato places, photography and musicals :)

I love meeting and connecting with new people of all backgrounds, so please don't hesitate to shoot me a message! I'd also love some book recommendations, as I am currently attempting to read literature from all parts of the world :)

Hi everybody!

My name is Claudia (she/her). I'm from Donegal, Ireland, and study philosophy at Trinity College Dublin. I'm part of the 2021 cohort. My research project is a philosophical enquiry into the public's reaction to COVID-19 related lockdown measures. I plan to investigate the public's reaction with the help of the work of philosopher and political theorist Hannah Arendt. I chose this topic because I feel that lockdown and its repercussions has been the biggest event of my lifetime, and I feel that philosophy has a lot to offer the subject in terms of providing some perspective and insight.

When I'm not studying at college, I love playing poker, watching films, and playing music. I'm Treasurer of the TCD Card & Bridge society, and I watch films as much as I can! I play guitar, and throughout my teenage years produced my own music. This year I sound designed a virtual play.

Something that often surprises people about me is that I was born in Switzerland! We moved to Ireland when I was 2, so unfortunately I don't remember much of it, nor do I have a Swiss passport, but I'd love to visit after the restrictions ease up!

I'd love to meet new people from different backgrounds and countries!

Looking forward to getting in touch and meeting tomorrow!

My name is Gabriel Rowland (he/him)

I study Environmental Science at the University of Leeds

My research is about understanding and quantifying the killing of reintroduced beavers in Scotland.

I chose this research topic because I am interested in rewilding approaches, conservation, and sustainability, and love the Scottish wildlife and scenery.

I am from Bournemouth, UK.

When I’m not studying/working, I like to spend time with friends and family, go walking and exploring, cook, and do powerlifting.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I hold a national powerlifting record.

Ask me about conservation, the environment, wildlife, fitness, sport, and nutrition/food.

I’d love to connect with anyone who is motivated and passionate about positive change.

Hi everyone! My name is Corey (he/him) and I study BA Digital Media at the University of Leeds. I'm thrilled to be a part of this scholarship!

My research topic is called A Global Capstone Experience and explores the capstones, as well as looking into the UN's Global Development Goals. My University is also interested in capstones, so the research is quite well timed for this 2021 cohort. I chose this topic because it is completely different to my degree, Digital Media, giving me the advantage of a different perspective which I hope to bring to the research with peers, Amena and Holly. I have always been interested in Global Inequalities, especially whilst studying A Level Geography, and this has been further interested with the pandemic which we are all adapting to.

I am from Nottingham, England (the home of Robin Hood), and study in Leeds, England. When I'm not studying, I'm an Editor at The Leeds Tab, the biggest online student run news outlet, with individual Tab's for each University. I'm also a lifeguard and work at a health club part-time at home and do some freelance graphic design and social media work in my spare time.

One thing about me that surprises people is my hatred for cheese. Never liked it and never will.

Ask me about anything to do with the Media, Leeds, Lifeguarding, Swimming or anything current and global and I'll be sure to give it my best shot.

I'd love to connect with as many 2021 scholars as possible, and anyone who is researching in the field of global development.

Cheers! Corey

Hi everyone,

My name is Lydia (she/her), and I am currently studying biology at the University of York! I am from Derbyshire, United Kingdom.

My research topic is about the activation of inflammasomes in Multiple Sclerosis.

I chose this research topic because my auntie suffers from Multiple Sclerosis so I have grown up wondering why it had happened. This has given me the determination to try and solve the mystery and to try and help others to not have to experience the same. Both my enthusiasm for studying different biological mechanisms and my personal drive makes this topic perfect for me to research!

When I'm not studying, I enjoy being part of my colleges netball team, taking part in weekly training, matches and socials. I also like to give up some of my time volunteering at my local vaccination centre.

Please feel free to ask me anything and I will try my best to answer. 

I'd love to connect with people who are interested or researching in any science/medicine fields. I am also interested in making new connections in any subject to grow my general knowledge and meet new people, especially in the 2021 cohort.

Thank you, 

Lydia :)

Hello. My name is Makenna (she/her) and I am really excited to have this opportunity to meet all of you and learn about different topics.

I study Animal Science at Cornell University. I am a member of the 2021 cohort. 

My research is about comparing animal shelter policies, oversight, and metrics in different countries. With this information I hope to be able to educate people on ways to improve shelter systems and animal welfare. 

I chose this research topic because I really love dogs and have always wanted to help them and this project allows me to make a difference.

I am from Dryden in New York State in the USA.

When I'm not studying/working, I like to explore nature, watch movies, play with my dogs, bake, travel, hang out with friends, making new friends, and be around animals.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I show dogs in the American Kennel Club and some other clubs as well. I have competed in obedience, rally, agility, and conformation shows. 

Ask me about: animals, traveling, or anything in general.  

I'd love to connect with anyone who is interested in talking and learning about different topics, or similar topics, or just getting to know other people.

My name is Kimberley Guy (she/her), I have just joined the 2021 cohort.

I study BSc Adult Nursing at University of Leeds.

My research is centred on mental health with the project title being ‘Improving involvement and recruitment of informal carers in mental health research: An integrative literature review’

I chose this research project because I wished to expand my knowledge around mental health to positively impact my future career as an Adult Nurse!  During the past decade, mental health is increasingly an open subject of conversation rather than a taboo topic, especially since the pandemic. Although, mental health is still highly stigmatised within society and I would like this to change, ensuring myself as a future healthcare professional has the knowledge to support those presenting with mental health conditions. This project will highlight the importance of informal carers being involved in research and ways that we can improve the methods that are taken to encourage their involvement.

I am from Chesterfield in England 🇬🇧 and live in Leeds, England for university.

When I am not studying or working I like to spend time with my family and friends, get out for exercise (running and walking 🚶🏼‍♀️currently but swimming, badminton and netball are my favourite sports and I wish to join a society in the new academic year!) and love to try new experiences (if anyone is up to go skydiving, I’m up for a challenge 🤣).

Ask me about anything. I am very interested in anything healthcare 🏥, nutrition 🍏 or travel related 🏜(post-covid plans) and I would love to learn new things from all of you!

I’d love to connect with all of you, especially the Laidlaw Scholars!

My name is Zara Sharif  (she/her) and I am so excited to connect with you all soon, both members of the 2021 Cohort and older scholars!

I study Education at the University of York, which is in Yorkshire, England. 

My research is about body hair and the racialized bullying of teenage girls in UK secondary schools, as well as how these attitudes are formed and maintained within and outside of school!

I chose this research topic because I think we are seeing a cultural shift (in some ways) towards a greater acceptance of body hair, but I've found this shift often leaves out women of colour, and ignores how race and gender can intersect to form teenage girls experiences and their relationships with their body, their sense of self and how they perceive themselves. I also want to see how greater society perceive body hair on women of colour in particular and how social media can influence/shape/change these opinions.

I am from Tooting, which is an area of South West London, but I was born in Seattle, Washington which is in America!

When I'm not studying/working, I like to  go to the charity shop, sew, cook and walk around the beautiful city of York and the York Uni campus! I am also the BAME Representative for my College (Derwent) and my Department (Education)!

One thing about me that surprises people is that I absolutely hate ketchup and baked beans! It also surprises people that I was born in the USA as I have no accent or memory of living there as we moved to the UK when I was 2 years old! Maybe that's why I hate beans so much...

Ask me about race and gender issues, the education system, Morrisons best bargains and my best charity shop finds!

I'd love to connect with someone who is also passionate about women's issues and race issues, and I look forward to meeting all of you soon! <33

Hey everyone!

My name is Hugh (or Aodh as Gaeilge) and I use he/him pronouns. I study Law and Political Science (law major so still securing that lovely LLB) at Trinity College Dublin <3 My research is about nomadism and barriers to its practice in Irish property law! I chose this research topic because I'm really passionate about law and its role in social inclusion. I am from Limerick in Ireland, where I was educated completely in Irish until I went to college :0 When I'm not studying/working, I like to read fiction and try out film photography.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I can't play any musical instrument (despite mandatory tin whistle lessons in my primary school for 8 years).

I'd love to connect with people from different backgrounds and subject areas who are also passionate about social inclusion!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!!

Hey everyone, I'm Molly and I'm currently a first year studying Physics at the University of Leeds. My research involves investigating all cellulose composites as possible green composite materials to combat the textile waste produced at the hands of fast fashion. This research proposal really excites me as it combines my knowledge of physics and my love for fashion, whilst also implementing positive change in the field of sustainability.

I am from a small coastal town in North Wales, so when I'm not studying I love to be outdoors, doing anything that's active. I also love to travel, which is one of my main aspirations for when I finish university.

I'm interested in every element of sustainability but particularly around the topic of fast fashion, creating sustainable clothing/ non apparel products that can be used within the fashion industry, so I'd love to discuss any research that anyone may have surrounding this.

I'd love to take this opportunity to connect with as many scholars as I can, and educate myself on your fields of research. Would be great to connect with like-minded people, so feel free to message :)

Hey everyone!

My name is Aya Hammad (she/her), I can't wait to meet all of you soon!

I study Medicine at the University of York in England.

My research is about understanding how mutations in immune cells impact a certain group of rare bone marrow disorders that lead to cancer.

I chose this research topic for many reasons but it was mainly because cancer has touched the lives of many people I love and I feel as though understanding why/how it happens is an actionable thing I can do. The group of bone marrow disorders I am looking at causes patients to be at high risk of developing life threatening cancers and we know so little about the causes of those disorders. I hope that through this research project I will begin to understanding the mechanisms that lead to those cancers and hopefully learn how to help patients suffering from them...

I was born in Egypt! I moved around a quite a bit but right now I live in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates! (Definitely much warmer than England...)

When I'm not studying/working, I like to go on long walks in nature and just explore the city during any chance I get! I love taking pictures and trying new recipes with my friends. Back home, I spend most of my free time volunteering for Operation Smile!

One thing about me that surprises people me is how clueless I am sometimes, let's just say I'm not the best at navigating...

Ask me about medicine, health inequalities, volunteering and charity work, or my most recent baking disasters if you like! I am happy to chat about anything!

I'd love to connect with the scholars and alumni from different backgrounds and walks of life and hear their exciting stories!

Hi everyone! I'm Emily (she/they) and I'm a current first year at the University of York studying Linguistics with Italian! My research is about how cleft lip and palate affects speech sound acquisition and how successful speech and language therapy is at improving speech. I chose this topic because it's really exciting to use my love of linguistics for something practical that affects current life! Also, watching my nephew go through speech and language therapy for his cleft lip and palate has really inspired me to take a further look behind the scenes! 

I am from Hull in East Yorkshire! When I'm not studying/working, I like to go on walks, listen to podcasts (my favourite at the minute is a forensic linguistics true crime podcast), and write - poems, stories, scripts, anything! I'm also one of two blog coordinators for the University of York feminist society! 

This could be expected from my identity, hobbies and home town but ask me about women's, LGBTQ+ and class issues. Also for tv show recommendations, I watch far too many!

One thing about me that surprises people is that I taught myself Latin over lockdown! I can't speak it well but it did lead me to an Italian degree that I love!

I'd love to connect with someone who would like to discuss linguistics, especially forensics or language acquisition, and someone who is passionate about feminism, LGBTQ+ rights and class equality! I can't wait to meet everyone! :) 

Hi everyone, I'm Josh, (he/him) I’m a first-year student studying Politics with International Relations at the University of York. My research project is a literature review that looks at the role of electoral systems in the recent growth of populism, specifically looking at the Brexit referendum and Donald Trump's election in 2016. I chose this topic because of the impact both events have had on global events and their prominence as populist movements in the Western World.

I come from Stamford, a small town in the UK, about halfway between York and London. I do quite a bit of horse riding in my spare time and have recently become treasurer of the equestrian club at the university. I also love history. I went to the Netherlands with some friends in 2019 and got up early to go to the Rijksmuseum, leaving them asleep in the hotel. They ended up arriving 3 hours later, so I went around the museum with them again and gave them a mini-tour.

 A surprising fact about me is that in 2020 I broke my wrist twice, but before that, I’d never broken a bone!

Ask me about politics and political philosophy. If I don’t know the answer I’ll try and find out for you.

I'd love to connect with anyone. Everyone’s entries are really diverse, both our research topics and backgrounds, so I’d like to get to know as many of you as possible.

Looking forward to tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

So happy to e-meet all of you! My name is Shaina Sharma and I use she/her pronouns! I am studying Economics at the University of Toronto in Canada :) 

My research is about how governments around the world have used the emergency status of the COVID-19 pandemic to implement policies that restrict democratic freedoms in their countries. I chose this research topic particularly because of a New York Times article that came out around March 2020, titled 'COVID-19 Kills Its First Democracy'. While the article focused on the actions of Hungarian PM, Viktor Orbán, I started noticing similar trends in other countries as the pandemic went on. While I'm going to attempt to map out the principles of worldwide democracy since the COVID-19 outbreak, I'm especially focusing on India, Hungary, and Brazil!

While I am a student in Canada, I'm actually from Mumbai, India (living that international student life!). When I'm not studying or working, I am a huge bookworm and even try to do some creative writing myself. Additionally, I love meditation, engaging in social justice, and being outside pretty much all day, whether it's for a walk or a picnic or even just sitting in a park :) 

One thing about me that surprises people is that I have lived in around 8 cities across 3 countries in my life. 

Ask me about feminism or Indian history or what book I'm currently reading! 

Everyone sounds so amazing and all of your topics are incredible. I know I could learn a lot from all of you, so I'd love to connect with anyone who wouldn't mind teaching me a bit about their research area.

Looking forward to meeting you all tomorrow!

Hi everyone!

My name is Taqwa (preferred name) and my pronouns are she/her. I am a first-year student at the University of Leeds studying Economics.

I am part of the 2021 cohort for the Laidlaw scholarship and this summer, I will be working with BiteBack2030 to complete my research on childhood obesity for a future campaign. I chose this research topic because of how many children suffer from unhealthy food, especially from lower-income areas. I wanted to contribute as much as I could to help improve accessibility to good food and the health of all children.

I am from the UK and when I am not studying, I love to learn new languages (even though that would count as studying too). I am currently learning Mandarin and hope to start learning Korean soon. I also love listening to podcasts, reading, embroidering and researching about ethical and sustainable fashion (would highly recommend everyone to take a look into this if you haven't already!).

Having grown up in the UK, the thing that surprises people the most is that English is not my first language and instead it is Arabic. That should mean I am better at Arabic, yet it is the total opposite!

You can ask me about anything to do with economics, ethical and sustainable fashion, or even to recommend good podcasts and books to enjoy (I know a few that are amazing!)

I would love to connect with any Laidlaw scholar, so feel free to connect with me here.

My name is Elena Chatrchyan (she/her) and I study International Agriculture and Rural Development at Cornell University. My concentration at school is in Economics and Development and I am also minoring in Business. 

My research is about current soil health initiatives in Armenia, what farmers know about soil health and what do they do to manage and actively improve soil health. Ultimately, with this research I am going to be developing a soil health roadmap for Armenia. I chose this research topic because I find soils really interesting and have been actively working with soils for the past year. Healthy soil is going to be the key to not only adapt to climate change but help us mitigate it as well, making soils extremely important to study. 

I am from Ithaca, New York in the United States. When I'm not studying/working, I like to  ski in the winter and swim in the summer! I also love all types of music. When I have a lot of extra time, I like baking and cooking- I love watching all of Gordon Ramsay's shows, the serious ones and the entertaining ones :) One thing about me that surprises people, is that I am pretty short. 

Ask me about anything I've said above. Like most people, I love talking about my hobbies, studies and work. That being said, I'd love to connect with any other Scholars! I love learning about other peoples hobbies, and work, especially those belonging to my fellow scholars!

Hey :) I'm Niamh (she/her), I study Classical literature and Italian at the University of Leeds. My research focuses on mapping out the circulation of Italian literature between the eighteenth and nineteenth century in Leeds. During the research period I'll be collaborating with Leeds library, helping them catalogue the remainder of their Italian collection into their database. 

I chose this research topic because I have really enjoyed learning about Italian culture and literature so far in first year and I wanted to delve further into both as well as learn about the Italian presence in Leeds.

I am from Newcastle upon Tyne in England and I currently live in Leeds for uni. When I'm not studying/working, I like to watch tv series/ films and talk A LOT about them. I also like spending time with friends and family as well as listening to music. I adore vintage shopping too! 

One thing about me that surprises people is that I tried to learn Russian during the first lockdown, now unfortunately I can only remember how to say least I think I can! Also I really dislike cheese and ham, meaning Hawaiian pizza is the epitome of my worst nightmare!!

Ask me about literally anything, I'm always happy to talk and delve more into topics I love as well as learn from others! 

I'd love to connect with any of you! Feel free to message me whenever, especially if you have some good book, film or documentary recommendations!


Hi, my name is Pennie! I am from Wigan (Greater Manchester), however now I spend most of my time in York as I study BSc Psychology at the University of York.

My research lies within the field of psycholinguistics, and aims to assess the influence of sentence context and task on age effects during language comprehension. I chose this topic as, after having studies language modules during my first year of university, I am very interested in the science behind language and hope to become a speech and language therapist in the not-so-distant future!

Alongside my course I learn French which I have continued from A-levels, and in my spare time I love to go to the gym, horse ride, visit new places and spend time with my bunny Winston! <3 One thing that surprises me about people is that I have romani heritage and my grandfather was a romani gypsy!

I'd love to talk/connect with someone who is interested in speech and language therapy, anything travel related or who also loves bunnies! :) 

Hi all, 

I'm Polina and I study Biochemistry at the University of St Andrews, Scotland (I don't play golf). I am interested in the properties of enzymes and mechanism of biocatalysis. Therefore, my Laidlaw research explores unstudied crAssphage enzymes aiming to discover novel properties and improve biotechnologies. 

My homecountry is Bulgaria and nature there is incredibly beautiful. I love hiking and running in the mountains, but also just staying in my bed reading books. I'm addicted to travelling and can't wait for it to become as easy as before...

One thing about me that surprises people might be that I have participated in cross country marathons, where I need to run between 10 and 26 k with lots of hills.

Ask me about organic chemistry, books, sports and travelling (especially the last one). I would love to connect with anyone who have similar or exactly the opposite (that would be fun) interests to me.

My name is El (she/her), I study BSc Sustainability and Environmental Management at the University of Leeds.

My research is about identifying healthy, affordable alternative food brands for young people in order to lower obesity and help young people eat a more sustainable diet. I chose this research topic because I'm passionate about sustainable food systems and believe this is an area which can have a massive impact on our global carbon emissions and biodiversity.

I am from Leeds, UK and when I'm not studying/working, I love volunteering with a range of organisations including teaching English, working with young people to provide supportive sex education and running a zero-waste co-operative at the university! One thing about me that surprises people is that I'm older than them as I took some years out to travel.

Ask me about my research! I'm still in the design stages and would love to hear your thoughts or ideas :)

I'd love to connect with someone who has knowledge in public health, as this is one aspect of my research that I have limited understanding of yet!

Hi Everyone!

My name is Thomas and I am currently studying electronic engineering (BEng) at the University of York! I am from Kent, which is in the south of England; just below London. My research project is about exploring intelligence augmentation and how it is the future for organisational decision making. One of my passions is technology, and part of my research will shine a light on how we can exploit machines to amplify human intelligence so that we can make decisions that are far more wiser and informed than before; in most cases increasing efficient results and making more profitable decisions. 

Outside of my studies, I enjoy spending time with my friends and family. A few of my hobbies are reading, volunteering, sports, puzzles. One thing that surprises people is I used to play bowls! Yes .. the old people sport as some call it haha. I played for my county and took part in competitions nationally, I played this alongside rugby for my local club.  

I would honestly love to connect/talk with anyone. I enjoy talking to people about all kinds of topics, so feel free to contact me :)

Hi everyone!

My name is Holly (she/her)

I study pharmacology at the University of Leeds but was brought up in Staffordshire (no one ever knows where that is).

My research topic focuses on integrating global issues into degree programmes around the world in attempt to combat educational inequality. I chose this project as it involves working as a team, which I love to do, and targets what I see as a main area of inequality: education. I am eager to study this topic in under privileged areas with an aim to create as much of a difference as I can. 

When I am not studying/ working I enjoy fitness, both running and going to the gym. Currently I am training for the Manchester marathon to raise money for Cancer Research. I also enjoy reading and baking as I find them very therapeutic.

Ask me about running or science or anything really; I'm open to a chat with anyone about anything and I'm looking forward to meeting you all!

Hi everyone.

My name is Shehnaz Salad (not the veggies) :). I study Economic and Politics at University of York.My research is on the Sustainability development Index (SDI) and how it correlates with economic performance.I chose this research because i am passionate about economic development and at the same time i don't want to neglect our environment so would like to know how both can go hand in hand. 

I'm from Somalia. When Im not studying or working i like trying new  outdoor sports, travelling and so on although i hardly do them. One thing about me that suprises people is i look like an introvert but once we get to know each other im very welcoming.

Ask me about anything whether it is about Somalia, its culture or my research. I'd love to connect with everyone so feel free to say Hi and share your stories.

Hi everyone!

My name is Michael (he/him) and I'm studying biological and biomedical sciences at Trinity College Dublin, Ireland. I hope to specialise in zoology for the final two years of my programme.

My research is about avian influenza and the factors contributing to its transmission to farmed poultry.

I chose this research topic as our understanding of factors affecting avian influenza transmission to farmed poultry is limited despite the risks of these transmission events occurring. Avian influenza outbreaks on poultry farms pose economic and public health risks. With each transmission event, the chances of mutations enabling zoonotic transmission of a highly pathogenic strain to humans increases. My project will investigate the roles of biosecurity measures, wildlife interaction, and ecological factors in the transmission of avian influenza.

I'm from Galway, Ireland.

I love gardening, reading, and just spending time outdoors. 

One thing about me that surprises people is my accent. People really struggle to figure out where I'm from - its a mix of Irish and Australian.

Ask me about anything really, I'm very happy to talk about biology!

I'd love to connect with Scholars from all around the world.

Looking forward to meeting you all today!

Hey all! My name is Katherine Fox (she/her), but everyone calls me Katie :) 

I study Sustainablity and Environmental Management at Leeds University in the U.K.

My research is about quantifying and understanding killing of reintroduced beavers within Scotland. I will be creating the qualitative methods of the study and then subsequently interviewing local landowners within the Tay Valley to understand their personal interactions with beavers in the local area and if they have engaged in behaviour that goes against the project (i.e killing a beaver). 

I chose this research topic because I want to see exactly how a project's interaction with the local populace can make or break it. Additionally, I want to gain first-hand experince of how rewilding efforts are met by the local community and then apply this knowledge to any projects I have in the future to help improve the integration and longevity of conservation efforts.  

I live in a very small village off of the already small town of Yarm in the U.K, with about 200 people. Yarm is in the north east of England and is near Durham and Newcastle. 

When I'm not studying/working, I am normally playing sports such as hockey and rugby to keep up my fitness whilst also getting to meet new people! If I'm not doing some sort of sport I will either be baking (counterintuitive to the sports: I know), reading or volunteering.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I am not American! I lived in America as a kid so I have quite a broad Texan accent which does confuse all of my English friends and family :)

Ask me about anything! I can definitively talk your ear off about environmental/political and social issues but we can of course sprinkle in a bit of literature/podcast (especially true crime podcasts)/ sport/foodie content as well! I'd love to connect with someone who is also interested in environmental issues/conservation, however I am open to anyone/any research topic as reading the other post makes me want to meet you all!

Hi everyone!

My name is Eleanor (she/her) and I study French and Spanish at Leeds University.

I'm researching the role played by men and women from the French Caribbean in the Internal French Resistance during WW2. 

I chose this topic because I love History and think it is an amazing opportunity to develop my French language skills whilst also learning about French cultural history and giving a voice to some of the important forgotten roles from the war.

I am from Huddersfield in West Yorkshire.

When I'm not studying or working, I like to go out with my mates, go to the gym, watch live sport or read. 

One thing that surprises me about people is that I am a trained baker at Morrisons supermarket and that I can lift the flour bags despite my height and size!

Ask me about anything you'd like! I love to chat about politics, history, books, sport or fashion. I'd like to connect to someone who loves languages and history but am interested to learn about all research projects and would love to get to know you all. 

Hi everyone! my name is Georgia and I use she/her pronouns.

I study Law at Trinity College Dublin.

My research is about period poverty and how it impacts participation in education in Ireland. 

I chose this research topic because I am involved in period poverty advocacy in my local community and globally through The Pad Project, where I work as a Policy Advisor. The Irish National Strategy for Women and Girls released a Discussion Paper in February 2021 calling for the Irish Government to conduct research on how period poverty presents in Ireland in order to create adequate legislation to alleviate it. There hasn't been much action on this, so I decided to take a (small, as it's only 6 weeks!) portion of the research on myself & will present it to the Oireachtas (legislature) through a policy report with the help of my wonderful supervisor <3.

I am from Ireland

When I'm not studying/working, I like to go on hikes, hang out by the sea, embroider & read.

One thing about me that surprises people is that I do mixed martial arts!

Ask me about menstrual equity & advocacy

I'd love to connect with anyone working on projects surrounding women's health, feminism and advocacy, as well as any students studying law & interested in non-traditional legal careers <3

Hi everyone! 

My name is Aoife (she/her). I study chemistry at Trinity College Dublin.

My research is about developing natural and sustainable materials for CO2 capture from the air.

I chose this research topic as I have always had an interest in helping the environment and doing my part to fight climate change and this project allows me to pair this passion with my love for chemistry, particularly material chemistry.

I am from Mayo on the west coast of Ireland and when I’m not studying I love to read, bake and run. One thing about me that surprises people is that I played intercounty Gaelic football.

Ask me about anything chemistry related and the environment, but I will chat about nearly anything :) I really look forward to connecting with scholars from all around the world and with different research backgrounds!

Hi I'm İpek (she/her). I study law at Durham University. My research is about changes in media law in Turkey and whether it threatens Article 10. I chose this topic because I'm interested in human rights especially freedom of speech. I'm from Turkey where media outlets are restricted therefore I wanted to explore more about these restrictions and their connection to human rights abuses. When I'm not studying I like to hang out with my friends, go to art galleries and play board games.

Ask me about: best places to visit in Turkey 

I'd love to connect with someone who is passionate about human rights and the realities of the justice system.

Hi everyone! My name is Penelope (she/her) and I study Geography BA at the University of Leeds in England. 

The aim of my research project is to investigate whether Climate Change threat does or does not lead to increasing authoritarianism. This project is a pilot study as there has currently not been any research that links Climate Change threat to elements of authoritarianism. 

As a Geographer, Climate Change is both an integral part of my degree as well as something that I am really interested in and concerned about on a personal level, hence I decided to apply for this research project. Also, I like the unique scope of my research project as I have the ability to positively influence government policies globally, if the findings of the study are significant. I believe this project will also be a great opportunity for me to learn more about the influence of authoritarianism. Furthermore, I am really looking forward to growing as a leader through the coaching and the Laidlaw Scholarship opportunities.

I am from Leicester in the East Midlands. 

When I'm not studying/ working, I like to go to the gym, visit museums and galleries as well as go running in my local area. Also, I have recently become a volunteer for the charity, Bookmark. As a volunteer, I help primary school children to improve their reading skills which I think is a very rewarding experience. 

One thing that surprises people about me is that I am really interested in Egyptology. I have always found it fascinating as an area of study so much so I completed some courses during the first lockdown on topics such as Egyptian Temples. 

I would love to have a chat with scholars from across the world about their research project or their interests. In particular, I enjoy talking about sustainability and Climate Change, new recipes to try, travel and history (especially Egyptology!!!) but I am always up for a chat on any topic as I love to learn new things. I am really looking forward to getting to know you all and I wish you all the best with your research projects!

Hi everyone!  

My name is Fatimah (she/her) and I am studying Dentistry at the University of Leeds. 

I am part of the 2021 cohort of Laidlaw scholars.  

My research project is about the future of water fluoridation in light of COVID-19 and whether the disproportionate effect of the pandemic on ethnic minorities has strengthened the case for mass water fluoridation in the UK. 

I am from West Yorkshire and when I am not studying/working, I like to play badminton, read and go hiking.  

I’d love to connect with fellow Laidlaw scholars, especially those with a strong interest in oral health and health inequalities.