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Career Panel Series: Consulting

Started about 4 years ago

It was a big pleasure to attend the inaugural session of the Career Panel Series and get some wonderful insights into the consultancy sector. Dr Gabrielle Silver, Niall Santamaria and our extraordinary alumni, Alice Lassman and Lorenzo Molinari, brought to us such a rich discussion of a wide range of topics - from what it takes to be a good consultant to how COVID-19 is affecting the future of consultancy. I found it particularly useful to hear their top tips for interview preparation:

- Be yourself

- Start preparing early

- Keep your CV concise and honest

- Have a 'razor sharp reason' for why you want to be in consulting

- Understand the organization 

- Ask questions - they will be more engaged in you

- Take advantage of your networks (particularly your Laidlaw Alumni Network)


What was your favorite part of the discussion/key take-home message? Do you have any questions that were not answered but you would really like to ask? Would you like to share your own experience and thoughts? We would LOVE to hear from you below! Please share any thoughts, questions and feedback.


P.S. If you have missed the panel, do not worry! You can find the recording of the video here.

So much of what was said was equally applicable to law and consulting! I think it was really helpful for me (not an aspiring consultant) to really understand what clients want from their advisors - a 'critical friend', as opposed to someone who just gets the job done.

Of course, if you're being paid for your expertise, this includes criticism and not just praise!