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Got research questions for our network of academics?

Started 12 days ago

Hi there! 📣 Calling all scholars starting research OR experienced alumni who have finished your projects already.

We're looking to create some useful resources for new scholars by tapping into our global network of leading academics. We want to know what information on the research process YOU think would be useful for us to ask our supervisors. What is difficult or surprising: literature reviews? Gaining ethical clearance? Making a poster?

New scholars who joined this year: What is the biggest question you have about your upcoming research?

Second-year scholars and alumni: What is the number one thing you wish you knew before starting your research?

Comment your response and we'll launch new initiatives soon consulting our academics. Thanks :)

Hello! I am Inkindi, I was a 2019 Laidlaw scholar, and I would say that time management played a big part during my research and it's something I wish I knew very well before. I found myself having a lot to add to my project before the presentation day of my project progress. So, I always had an issue with time. The other thing I wish I knew was that not all my plans were going to go how I wanted, and I should be at peace with that. Even though my project didn't change, the approach to meeting my goal changed throughout the process, and my supervisor was always telling me that it was okay to change the direction as long as the destination is still the same. I am so happy I learnt those two things throughout the program!