Where are the women? Infographic illustrating the lack of women in business school case papers.


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As a Master's student at INSEAD, I noticed the lack of females present in the case papers I was reading as part of the teaching material. This lead me to write my Master's thesis 'Where are the Women Leaders? Invisible selves: writing women leaders into business school case papers'.

To date, I have collected ten years of research studying the presence of women and women leaders in MBA case papers. Below is a summary of my research. My aim is to increase the presence of females in business school case papers by supporting business schools and corporations who wish to effect change in their organisations.

Lesley Symons

Founder/Researcher/ Leadership Coach, The Case For Women

The founder of the The Case for Women, Lesley Symons, is passionate about getting more women into leadership positions. Whilst studying at INSEAD in France, Lesley noticed a distinct lack of women on campus, both as professors and as students. Even more noticeable was the lack of case material she read with a woman either as a lead or as a manager. This lead her to writing her thesis 'Where are the Women Leaders?'. Hence, her particular interest is in the business school and tertiary education sector where she found women critically under-represented.