Week Four - Keeping it cryptic

Week four is complete! No, I wasn't tasked with cracking Enigma this week, nor was I trapped in the local escape rooms. This week, was coding week. I successfully developed a code to measure and sort captured motion data, as well as compare it to the gold standard. Read on for more...
Week Four - Keeping it cryptic

First of all, the next three instalments of this blog (including this one) are late. Very late. So apologies in advance.

This week, I had one goal in mind. A useful code. Embarking on a journey of jargon, hours of trial and error and swarms of bugs to find the key to unlocking the truth...

How smooth is smooth?

*Enter Minimum Jerk Trajectory stage left*

Minimum Jerk Trajectory is the mathematical formula for efficient and perfect motion, by which an object moves from point A to point B sustaining the lowest amount of damage to any arbitrary payload. I wanted to compare human motion to this perfect path and develop categories for smooth and rough motion. First, I had to code it.

This week doesn't have all that much 'bloggable' content as much of it was spent huddled at a desk in the lab writing, deleting, rewriting and testing countless lines of code.

However, you will be pleased to know that I got somewhere. After some incredibly basic data runs, it seemed to be up and running...

Stay tuned for next week's blog, which hopefully will land in your inbox about 20 minutes after this one.

So much for staying on schedule...

Arron J Thompson

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