Week 5: Statistics

The statistics are the most exciting part of research as they provide the answers to your research questions!! This week I have been using ANOVAs, pairwise comparisons and t-tests to produce statistics that will provide insight into the results from my experiment.
Week 5: Statistics

Week 5 has been a bit hectic as I have been juggling work and packing to return to York, however I have made great progress with my statistics and am currently ahead of schedule! 


Today I began by emailing Dr De Bruin to update her on the stats for the gender and education levels of our current participants, as they need to be balanced across the two age groups. 3 mini groups were devised that would allow me to recruit a balanced number of males and females at certain education level, whilst also maintaining an even number of participants across conditions. I made the first mini group and uploaded it to Prolific in hope of some new recruits, and in the meantime I had a look over the feedback for my report draft. Overall it seemed really positive, with just a few comments from Dr De Bruin about the structure of the draft! 

In the afternoon I had a short zoom meeting with Dr De Bruin and Naveen, where I provided a quick update on where I was up to and we briefly discussed plans for the statistical analyses. After that, it was back to the report! I have started to write up as much of the report as I can, with a few blanks in the participant section for demographics and exclusion information. 

By the end of the day, I had 9 new recruits! I downloaded their data and had a quick look to check they met the criteria- 1 had to be excluded so I will recruit another person to replace them over the coming days. 


Today I set up the second mini group so that I could recruit the next 6 participants. This had to be done carefully, as I had to ensure that the task codes for the conditions were the same as previously and that participants who had already completed the study were blocked from taking part again. Whilst I was waiting for the latest data, I sent off my next draft of the methods section to Dr De Bruin so I could receive some further feedback. This was really helpful, as Dr De Bruin pointed out lots of information that I could add and suggested ways to make my  procedure section more informative. 

I spent the afternoon continuing to recruit smaller groups of people and compiling their data into one excel spreadsheet. By the end of the day I had just 2 participants left to recruit, so hopefully by the end of tomorrow I will have a full set of data! 


I started the day by checking Prolific to see if I had finally had my last 2 participants. One participants had taken part, however unfortunately the second person had not completed the study correctly so I had to open the study up again to another person. It took a while to find another participant, so while I was waiting I began to write up my Laidlaw report which covered a description of my research process and the skills I have developed.

By the afternoon I had a full data set! I created pivot tables for each set of data to have a first glance at the averages for the tasks and likeliness ratings- the results looked interesting! I had a zoom call with Dr De Bruin who walked me through some of the first statistical analyses I must carry out and how to report them in a paper. This was very confusing at first as I have never carried out such complex analysis before, but it was interesting to see the depth at which data can be analysed to tell an intricate story about the results! I had a go myself at the first 3 tests for the likeliness ratings- I ran the first 2 perfectly and after a second attempt I had soon completed the third! I also started to write these results up in the report, so tomorrow I will complete the final test that is needed for the ratings and then move on to analysing the self paced reading tasks! 


This morning I completed the final 2 ANOVA tests for the likeliness ratings and wrote up the results in the report draft. I then had a Laidlaw meeting with a personal development coach, where we discussed a personality questionnaire that I had completed previously. This was really interesting, as I found out a lot about myself and the questionnaire also confirmed that I have many of the qualities needed for my future career as a speech and language therapist! 

After the meeting, I moved onto analysing the data from the self paced reading task. I felt more confident running the tests today as I had had practice on the likeliness data the day before so was able to run the appropriate tests more quickly. I wrote up the results in the report draft and sent them to Dr De Bruin to be double checked. In the meantime, I started to design my academic poster! I found this trickier than I had initially expected as it was very hard to know which key information to put on the poster, however I feel that I have made a good start on the methods section. 

Tomorrow I will continue running the analyses and will hopefully have some more insightful results! 


I had a quieter day today as I had to pack my stuff ready to move back to York on Saturday, however I managed to complete the analyses for the self paced reading and created some tables of the raw statistics from the NASA scores and self paced reading data. Next week, I will carry out the analysis for the task demands and then finish my final week off by continuing to build on my report draft! :D

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