Video Summary: Laidlaw Scholars Conference 2022

A highlight reel of the 2022 Laidlaw Scholars Conference at the London Schools of Economics. This year's theme, IMPACT, encouraged Scholars to develop a commitment to positive change and action.
Video Summary: Laidlaw Scholars Conference 2022

Over the three days, Laidlaw Scholars heard from remarkable guest speakers such as Gina Miller, Dr Grace Lordan, and François Ortalo-Magné, participated in group discussions around some of the most pressing global issues, and presented how they are creating change through their research and Leadership-in-Action projects.

We hope the event left the Scholars with concrete ideas and plans on what each of them can do to have a sustainable, positive and lasting impact on some of the world’s intractable challenges.

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over 1 year ago

Hi! Thanks for sharing! Where can we view the session recordings?