The Belonging Series at London Business School (online series)

Find your tribe at LBS! This month, our inclusion clubs will be discussing our students’ journeys to business school, their experiences at LBS, and the challenges and celebrations of their community in the business world. Come and meet the students driving belonging and equality at LBS.

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This series is an opportunity to connect with and learn about our student-led clubs at LBS. With 70+ clubs in total, ranging from professional, regional, social and sports, there is a sense of belonging for everyone at LBS.

Driving belonging and equality are our inclusion clubs; the Black in Business Club, First-generation, Low and Intermediate Income (FLII) Club, Out in Business Club and Women in Business Club. Join them throughout this series where panellists from our club communities explore why business schools need such clubs, what they hope to achieve, and how you can get involved as a member of the community or ally during your time at LBS and beyond.


Introducing the Black in Business Club

Introducing the Women in Business Club

Introducing the First-generation, Low and Intermediate Income (FLII) Club


Introducing the Out in Business Club

After each panel session, you will have the opportunity to ask questions to the speakers and to our Recruitment & Admissions representatives.

Shakirat Giwa

Events Manager - Engagement, London Business School