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I'm Aditi (she/her), and I'm from Bengaluru, India. Particularly fascinated by the intersection between environment and economics, I study Environment and Business at the University of Leeds. I aim to uncover innovative approaches that align profitability with environmental responsibility, fostering win-win scenarios for businesses and the planet.

My pre-defined Laidlaw Research Project is "Using techniques from Economics, Psychology and Neuroscience to Identify Low-Hanging Fruit for Sustainability". Through this project, I hope to find easy solutions that people can incorporate in their day to day life to live more sustainably and add to the existing scope of interdisciplinary research. I also hope to gain more leadership skills and build a network of scholars from different backgrounds. 

Aside from academics, I enjoy outdoor activities and practise karate and taekwondo! I also like to unwind by dancing, or helping out in my local NGO. I enjoy having meaningful conversations and am open to chat about anything! 

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