Research week 1: Doubts

Hi,everyone. Today is the start of my 3rd week of research.I have been meaning to blog about my research every week but i didn't. So here is what i have done in week 1 and lessons i learnt along the way.

Before the beginning of the research

I was excited about the reasearch, and in mid June i contacted by mentor,Jonathan Busch to ask him about any further computer skills,data analysis softwares or readings that i need to be familiar with before i started the research.I didn't want to be learning when i should be working on the research in the 6 weeks and i like getting a bit ahead knowing what i am to expect. He sent me a list of books and articles.He also recommended that i should see python or any other statistical software i would use in my Second year of my studies.I contacted my Last year's economic lectures,tutors and one lecturer who i will have in Second year.They told me i will be using STATA as my analysis software in the 2nd year. Also a friend of mine suggested that i also learn how to use SQL if i were to analyse data. I started taking online courses on SQL and STATA.I had a meeting with my mentor when i was almost done with SQL and somewhere in STATA, he told me i won't be using SQL and i might use STATA in my reasearch.Dissapointed, i went on with the literature review.

Week 1

There is nothing much about week 1. I was doing literure readings and workshps.I had a meeting meeting with my mentor  in the beginning of this week. I was a bit lost at first i knew i would be researching on Sustainable development Index but i had no idea a field called Ecological economics existed before i did the readings.Yes i doubted myself, because i didn't have a clear view of what i will be doing.My first week of reasearch also was the same week we had the workshops . It seemed a big load at first but it made the next weeks feel easy.What i loved about it was, it makes me efficient and procastination is kicked out of the window. 

Lessons learnt

  1. Things might not go as you planned and it is okay. Just be prepared to make adjustments.
  2. If the path isn't clear, just take a few footsteps ahead and you will see it much more clear.
  3. You might doubt yourself sometimes. Remember it is only worth it, if it scares you and challenges you.And remind yourself of what you have accomplished in your life and how daunting they were at the beginning to stop doubting yourself .

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Go to the profile of Cath Brislane
almost 2 years ago

This is great Shehnaz! I was in a similar position last year. After having my original research compromised due to the pandemic, I had to learn R from scratch and it was tough at first, but you definitely learn a lot after coming out of the other side. 

Best of luck with your research- you've got this!

Go to the profile of Shehnaz Sheikhdon Salad
almost 2 years ago

Thank you so much,Cath. I am happy you came through it strong :)