Reasearch week 2: New research path

Hi everyone,here are reflections and lessons learnt on week 2 of my research. I hope it is useful to you.

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This week was better than the last one since i read most of the readings, got tips from researchers from the third workshop.The only thing bothering me was, i was thinking that i haven't done as much as i should. Thanks to my mentor, he told me i was doing a good progress by going through all those readings and especially how difficult some of them were. Midway this week i finished the readings assigned by mentor and i started data collection ,choosing what indicators i will be using and from what data sources. I collected a lot of indicators to calculate the Sustainable Development Index (SDI).I wrote a critcal summary on the SDI methodology.I had two meetings with my mentor where we discussed the readings and trying to figure out what indicators out of the many i will use for calculation. Found more readings materials, read them only to findout more indicators which means more trouble for me. Because when i look at every indicator it seems very important but i won't be able to use all as i would love to.

I had to question myself again this week, because i collected way more indicators than have been previously used to calculate the SDI. Also, i wasn't satisfied with the method used to calculate the SDI. Some of the indicators i couldn't find data for and others not knowing how to meausre them and what value to give them.Most of this calculations and data of SDI being from UN or world bank, i asked myself, "do you think you,as 1st year undergraduate student doing her first ever research  can have a better method than researchers from world bank and UN?" I suppose the research outcome will have to answer this.

At the end of the week i came up with the final indicators i thought would be necessary for the SDI calculation. The indicators are too many and their data is overwhelmingly big so i decided to group those which had close relation.Looking forward to what my mentor will say about them and the analysis ahead in week 3.I think my research will a little bit divert from what i initially planned.My initial research was about finding relationship between SDI and other measures of economic performance. However, it might now be focussing on what indicators/Indices should be used to calculate the SDI.

Shehnaz Sheikhdon Salad

Student , University of York

Hi, I'm a 2021 Laidlaw Scholar studying Economics and politics at University of York.  I'm from Somalia and spent most of my life there. I'm passionate about Leadership, looking forward to improving my leadership skills. 

My Research this summer is on how the sustainable Development Index correlates with other Economic measures such as Economic growth and Inequalities. 

Hobbies: Reading,adventure and trying out new outdoor sports. 

Would love to connect with everyone, so don't hesitate to say Hi . 


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3 months ago

This is a great stream of consciousness Shehnaz! Remember to take a break if you need to, and don't overwhelm yourself by trying to include everything in your research. It is important that you draw boundaries with your research like you would with anything else in life in order to look after yourself- remember that. 

Well done on all of your work so far, it really is great to see what you are getting up to :)